Monday, June 22, 2015


Back in 1960 Eegah!! and I started collecting monster magazines, FAMOUS MONSTERS was the very best of the publications and coupled with the great movies from the fifties, I started my very weird career in monsters by being stuck in the past for my inspiration. Here are some of my pieces to prove my point...

This piece was obviously inspired by Paul Blaisdell's tree monster in FROM HELL IT CAME. But, I thought, I'm going to make a female version of the thing, her name is TOBANA...

This is a colored pencil drawing of another one of my favorite fifties movies that I saw at the theater in 1957, THE BLACK SCORPION!

Here's a recent oil painting from THE CRAWLING EYE, love these wild looking aliens!

I just can't get enough of those freaky tentacled cyclops aliens, here's another recent oil painting from THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE.

I also love those crazy creations from THE OUTER LIMITS, these are two standing creatures from this year that were inspired by that great TV series.

Here's one of my meteor monsters, inspired by another favorite, FIRST MAN INTO SPACE.

A piece inspired by Paul Blaisdell's Venusian monster from IT CONQUERED THE WORLD.

Here's a cool monster that looks a lot like the thing in THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT.

Atomic bomb radiation fallout created this deep sea killer cyclops clam terror!

This is an oil painting of my hybrid being, FRANKENSTEIN FROM SPACE.

Here are two zombie dudes, zombies are always fun to make, you can really mess them up!

And then, there is this creepy crawler that reminds me of the crawling body parts in the Amicus production, ASYLUM. This piece is actually for sale on eBay now, if you're interested in checking it out, search there for... Horror House - SOMETHING YOU DON'T WANT IN YOUR BASEMENT.

I saved this little treat for the end, it's a wild music piece from our Dungeon band, HERMANOS GUZANOS. From 1987, here's... BRAIN EATERS!


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff! Always glad to see your work.


Paul from Oz

TABONGA! said...

Thank you Paul - I feel so lucky to be able to do this stuff, by the way, I have sold over 5000 sculptures and 2000 drawings and paintings since 1980, not too bad for an old tree monster..

Anonymous said...

DAMN! You make the uber-cooool-est monsters!!!

FRANKENSTEIN FROM SPACE reminds me of a film I almost made back in the '80s, titled FRANKENSPACE. I'm really in love with your ATOMIC SUBMARINE painting! I used to have a beat-up original 8x10 black and white glossy of that eye critter (with staple holes around the edges), and once pinned up on the wall, he became the mascot of my garage studio for most of that decade...

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