Saturday, June 20, 2015

GARDEN OF THE DEAD - Jaime Mendoza-Nava (1972)

With a title like "Garden Of The Dead," you know they were reaching for immortality! What could possibly be next? "Fruitstand Of Freaks?" "Farmer's Market Of Horror?" "Swapmeet Of Terror?" I don't know, and I'm sure as Hell not in any mood to try and find out!

So, it's time for another Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon, and tonight we're celebrating the fact that a movie called "Garden Of The Dead" might have been a lot better off if it had stayed buried, but there is one thing that you cannot deny, and that's the music composed by the mind of the genius Jaime (Orgy Of The Dead) Mendoza-Nava is exceptional, and almost makes the whole experience worthwhile, almost, so if you're really experienced, then dig in and enjoy!

It's hard, I mean it's not hard, to believe that "Garden Of The Dead" was filmed in only 10 days! As you can clearly see, the quality of the production is impeccable!

What? I dunno! There's a prison that's also a formaldehyde plant, and when they can get a chance, the prisoners get high inhaling the stuff?

Pretty freakin' desperate bunch if you ask me! I'm not sure what they do when the lights go out, they never delved into that area!

Well, Hot Damn, I feel pretty freakin' good! Before Viagra, they had formaldehyde to keep you stiff!

One of the prisoners has a hot girl friend that drives all the guys wild when she comes to visit! Susan Charney had the role of Carol Johnson in her solo on screen performance!

The prisoners loaded up on formaldehyde plan a daring escape, and in the process, they all get killed, and then buried in the prison yard, aka the garden!

Public Service Announcement: For all of you out there that don't know already, it turns out that sniffing formaldehyde isn't that great for you after all! I don't know why? It's only used to preserve dead bodies!

The only other female in the movie gets killed by a zombie for wearing that quilt! These zombies don't like light, and it was blinding them!

Don't be fooled by how good these stills look, this really isn't the greatest movie in the world!

Unlike "The Walking Dead" zombies, these guys can think a little, aren't really into eating flesh that much, and don't mind using tools like axes to do their dirty work! They also know how to run!

It's truly amazing how important light is to film making!

These zombies don't really crave blood or flesh.................

They're a bunch of druggies, and what they want is more formaldehyde!

Nice pair of trucks!

Second on the zombie shopping list after formaldehyde is Carol Johnson! They remember her from when they were human, and they might be zombies, but they know a good thing when they see it!

They set Carol up as bait!

And then they open fire! Ya'll don't come back now, ya hear?
Zombie Target Practice!
IF you're a zombie completionist, then you're gonna want this movie fer sure and you can get it at Sinister Cinema! The rest of you might want to take a bye on this one!

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Hi ! i don't know why but zombies movies are my favorite movies ! tx

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