Wednesday, December 3, 2014

LEAVE IT TO BEAVER - Season 5, Episode 35 - "Sweatshirt Monsters" (1962)

Here's a little something I had cooked up for the Halloween Countdown before I got sidetracked by all those cartoons! Somewhere along the line, I missed the episode of "Leave It To Beaver" when he went to the moon!

Welcome to Weirdsville Wednesday down in The Dungeon and every 60's monster kid's favourite episode of "Leave It To Beaver," Season 5, Episode 35 that was titled  "Sweatshirt Monsters!"

Here's the gang from left to right, Mark (The Alfred Hitchcock Hour) Murray as Alan, Richard Correll, who has directed a whole slew of popular kid's TV shows over the last 25 years as Richard, Stanley (The Lost Missile) Fafara as Whitey, and of course Jerry Mathers as The Beaver!!!

The boys have saved up all their money and can't wait to buy one of these cool Monster Sweatshirts! The sweatshirts were done by some studio artist trying to imitate the style of the airbrush master of all time, Big Daddy Roth!

For all things Big Daddy Roth, head on over to the home of Rat Fink right.........

 Beaver wants the one with three eyeballs!

Richard wants the one with the fangs...

.....And Whitey wants the one with the blood!!!

The boys all vow to be rebellious, and wear their new monster sweatshirts to school the next day!

But that's just not the way it works out! First Beaver gets told along with all the other boys that he can't wear the shirt to school, but he made a vow, so he wears it under his other shirt, that he takes off after he leaves the house!

Once he gets to school, he finds out he's the only one out of four that stayed true to his word, and his reward is he gets sent to the Principal's office, where they call his house and his Dad has to come and pick him up, and then he gets confined to his room for the whole weekend!  And you punks today think you got it bad!
For another take on this whole subject in colour, go check out This Post at the Neato Coolville blog from about a year ago! F.Y.I - If you have a Netflix account, all six seasons of "Leave It To Beaver" stream there endlessly!


Dr. Theda said...

We do not remember this episode...
Great post....!!!!
... We love "anything" ..."Horror"...

Eegah!! said...

Always a pleasure Doc!!

American Toycoon said...

Beaver's friends were such little creeps! He could never count on any of them to keep their word or follow through. Twits!

Mitch O'Connell said...

You might like this! :-)

EEGAH!! said...

Indeed I did Mitch, so I gave you a permanent spot on our sidebar. Thanks! I hope to be buying something soon.

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