Friday, December 26, 2014

1950s Pre-Code Eye Candy HORROR COMIC COVERS

Here's your Belated Xmas Present Santa found in the back of the sled, it's about Horror Comics before the implementation of the infamous Comics Code that literally cut the nuts off all the fun. The stories and art were toned down after the Code and they lost what made them collectible, and, a lot of titles just went belly up because the stuff was LAME!!

I had a nice little pile of these comics until I sold them on eBay years ago, loved them! Here's a title from Atlas Comics, which will become Marvel.

A nice cover from BEWARE, reanimated skeletons in a graveyard are always a kick!

You've gotta love this wild and crazy, twisted kitschy cover from BLACK CAT MYSTERY.

The BLUE BOLT line of horror titles always had some of the most eye catching cover art!

I double-dog dare you to enter the insidious... CHAMBER OF CHILLS!!

DARK MYSTERIES also made good use of skeletons, even used a skull in the title logo.

You can easily tell that this cover was done by the amazing artist, Wally Wood. Wally drew the most beautiful women in the history of comics! Too bad he had so many demons.

Here's another cool Atlas title, Stan Lee was part of the crew at this time!

Here's a title from Charlton Comics... Jeez, more skeletons!!

TOMB OF TERROR always had wild covers, this one with a crazed mummy. I had a few of these.

If this isn't a Wally Wood cover, it's a damn good imitation.

Not to be outdone, UNCANNY TALES puts their little twist on the horror graveyard scene!

This VOODOO cover has yet another cute gal being tormented at the hands of monsters.

Ace Comics' WEB OF MYSTERY had higher quality stories and artwork than most horror comics.

But, I totally prefer the cruder cover art, they just POP!!

Eegah!! is back tomorrow with more Holiday treats headed in your direction!!


Dr. Theda said...

A very cool collection of images good Sirs...
and we hope that you had a great Christmas....
things been a bit "hectic" here....

TABONGA! said...

Thanks Doc, all is well at Dungeonburg, hope your New Year is less hectic - thanks for checking in!

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