Friday, December 5, 2014

THE OUTER LIMITS: Production And Decay Of Strange Particles - 1964

Here's your treat for the 5th Day Of XMAS, another fun little episode from the creative guys over at Daystar Productions, it's all about an accident at a nuclear research facility that creates a dimensional doorway that aliens need to widen in order to invade Earth!

Eegah!! sent over an excellent sound clip for our approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our own decaying particles, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a taste of... PRODUCTION AND DECAY OF STRANGE PARTICLES!

While working on a new element, there's a reaction that causes it to become unstable, and...

Workers are being taken over by a strange alien force!

This guy barely made it out of the lab and gets burned by the out of control element.

The workers at the lab try to use lead shields to stave off the increasing radiation.

But, the alien force continues to take over the minds and bodies of the men that are now trying to create the dimensional doorway.

Here's a nice still showing the shock of the Marshall family, owners of the facility.

Dr. Marshall figures out a way to reverse the situation by creating a mix of elements that will trigger the event. The men under alien control cart the mixture into the central lab, thinking it's more of the element they desire, like in KRONOS and X: THE UNKNOWN.

Dr. Marshall and his wife quickly drive to a bunker miles away from the unstable facility to see if their plan to close the dimensional doorway will work. Otherwise, all is lost for Earth! The lab explodes into an atomic blast...

Here are 2 great stills from the A-Bomb tests that took place in Nevada in the early fifties!

Well anyway, as luck would have it the explosion reverses itself, closing the alien doorway to another dimension!!

So, tune in tomorrow for more early Xmas presents from The Dungeon!..


Ringard Willycat said...

grandiose !

Bubba said...

Made me hungry for some deep-fried shrimp!

Grant said...

I like this one for one of the reasons you AREN'T supposed to like it, the endless "techno-babble." It's not that I understand it, it's all about getting a kick out of NOT understanding it.

TABONGA! said...

Grant, I like this one too, I have a fetish for those suits with metal claws or fingers! Yeah, some reviewers said it was one of the five worst episodes..

Randall Landers said...

Yeah, not one of my favorites despite Leonard Nimoy's brief presence.

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