Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ÇILGIN KIZ VE ÜÇ SÜPER ADAM - "3 Supermen And Mad Girl" (1973)

Here's an early X-mas present for all you good little kiddies! One of the greatest action packed films ever made and a free download and or streaming link courtesy of the fine folks over at The Internet Archive!! Your part is easy, all you have to do is watch!!

 3 Supermen and Mad Girl!!!

Welcome to the WTF!? Wednesday X-mas Explosion down in The Dungeon! Tonight's feature has got everything and costs nothing, it's the perfect combination of both W and F! It's not in English, the print is as horrible as you could possibly imagine, but somehow, it just doesn't matter! A word of caution, it's mesmerizing!

Just to prove the far reaching strength of Larry, Moe, and Curly!

I am such a sucker for chicks with those modified harlequin masques!

Is that a mustache on this cardboard robot? He might look cheapo, but his ray gun will disintegrate your ass in 3 seconds flat!

These are the Three Supermen off duty! They don't really have any super powers, but their suits are bulletproof, and they have handy devices to make up for their lack of powers!

Like this super vision eyepiece is put to good use!

"Çilgin Kiz VeÜç Süper Adam" is almost non-stop action! In fact, it's really just a bunch of fight and chase scenes woven together by some storyline about your run of the mill power hungry freaks set on world domination!

I'm guessing this is Yesim Yükselen as Mad Girl! Her role know, she like goes around acting all kinds of crazy most of the time!

Do not adjust the controls, just be forewarned, a good 7% of the movie looks like this! This is also a good spot to play you about two minutes of music from the movie to rock your soul! No holds barred, the makers of this film used everything they could get their hands on from "Thunderball" to "Pink Floyd," and a lot of good old fashioned Las Vegasy sleaze! Fasten your seat belt and your straight jacket, and hold on tight!

Usually, Photoshop can bring these old worn out things back to life, but not in the case of this movie! This is as good as it gets!!

Being as there was a bit of a translation problem, I kinda thought this gal was Mad Girl, but I guess not, I guess she's just kind of mildly insane for being in this movie! This just might be Mine Sun as the abducted girl! These Mad Girl Followers are no dummies, they wait until she strips down to her skivvies before snatching her!

I'm just guessing there are a lot of underground lairs in Turkey still today!

Again, no sub-titles, so I can only guess what Mad Girl has in mind! One thing you can say about the Turks, they ain't no prudes!

Mad Girl and her extremist cohorts are having a grand Bacchanalian fest over at the Grange Hall, and the Three Supermen infiltrate the private party with clever disguises like this!

Time to get down with some 'mano a mano' between one of the Supermen and the killer robot!

Your guess is as good as mine, but I'm pretty sure these three dudes are Levent Çakir, Altan Bozkurt, and Nubar Terziyan, but I could be wrong! I can tell you this much, the little guy is quite the acrobat!

Just to show you that chivalry was still alive in 1973 Turkey, The Supermen cover up the abducted girl to preserve her modesty!

All for one, and, All for one!!

They just forgot one little thing at the end of this film.......

..........Of A Bitch!!!


TABONGA! said...

Sound clip is great! Oh yeah, and the rest of it.

Grant said...

"One thing you can say about the Turks, they ain't no prudes!"

Speaking of that, I hope you get around to KILINK: STRIP AND KILL (I notice you've done two of the other "Kilink" movies). In spite of the title, it has no nudity, and doesn't even come terribly CLOSE to it either, and yet it still manages to feel very "steamy."

Eegah!! said...

No Problemo Grant! "Klink: Strip And Kill" will be up in 2015 for sure!

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