Friday, December 19, 2014


It's Friday Poster Fix, here at The Dungeon! Here are some fine examples of sexy 1-sheets from the past, of course, they're super tame and kind of fun compared to the stuff you find on the internet nowadays. Enjoy!

This is a British flick from 1959 with the original title... SWEET BEAT!

Here's the American poster from the 1963 sexy French movie, original title is PARIS EROTIKA.

A rare color flick from 1967 starring the very sultry, Tiger Lilly!

A movie from 1964 about a photographer who gives instructions on how to film nude women!

This is an interesting title from 1958, it stars Kathy (ROCKETSHIP X-M) Marlowe, Robert (KING KONG) Armstrong and Robert (THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON) Clarke!

Here's a wild little flick from 1967, one of the female stars was Bubbles Cash!

This is a Mondo style sexploitation mockumentary from 1965, produced in New York.

An early nudie flick from 1961 from long-time schlock distributor, Kroger Babb.

Here's a nudie flick near and dear to Eegah!! and I, because, we saw it at a drive-in in Visalia, CA in 1960, when my cousins took us there in their 1959 Olds! Yeah, those were the days...

This one's from 1972, a reviewer said the crap 3-D effects made his eyes hurt!

From 1933, about a young woman who has to pay the price for fooling around with men!

This flick from 1953 is all about a secret reform school for rich-girl delinquents!

Here's one from 1965, a woman leaves her husband after being raped by the apartment janitor. Produced by the infamous Doris (NUDE ON THE MOON) Wishman.

This last poster is for a movie from Japan in 1966, and, a nice example of kitsch artwork!

Eegah!! is back tomorrow with another Dungeon Xmas present just for you!!


Eegah!! said...

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!!!

Grant said...

This makes me think of the Ed Wood movie THE SINISTER URGE, but one downside of it is the way it DOESN'T really push the envelope when it comes to the titillating stuff, in spite of being an Ed Wood movie. (Is that because he never meant it to be an actual "underground" one?)
There's a very funny line in the MST3K version, where the "porn" model is wearing a long flowing gown, and one of the comedians says "She's never been less nude in her life!"
Which isn't much of an exaggeration. So compared to films like these, I'm guessing THE SINISTER URGE is considered a missed opportunity (except for the really wild crime story side of it).

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