Monday, December 8, 2014

ATOMIC WAR! & MORE!! - A Fun And Freaky Look At Our Nuclear Past..

It's time for your Special Xmas Surprise, it's all about our atomic past and some of the things it spawned for our pleasure and displeasure! If atomic bombs weren't bad enough, they then came up with the super terror, the freaking hydrogen bomb!.. Enjoy!

Here's an issue of an ATOMIC WAR! comic from 1953, there were only four issues published.

If that wasn't enough, here's an ATOMIC ROMANCE comic, he needs a kiss before they die!

Atomic fever was in the air in the early fifties, here's a very cool ATOMIC ENERGY LAB for kids with an interest in super science!

The ATOMIC BOMBER was a game of skill that taught you to hit your mark using your authentic B-29 bomber!

Kids were even induced into sucking on an ATOMIC FIRE BALL, hey, for just a penny a pop!!

Here's a shot of the ATOMIC CANNON after lobbing a bomb onto the inviting Nevada desert!

It's easy to see where the term "mushroom cloud" came from, it looks like a mushroom!

This huge atomic cloud actually looks more like a head of cauliflower!

Exploding A-Bombs at night were especially spectacular and awesome sights for sure!

And, they did it hundreds of times, God only knows what it was doing to the atmosphere and weather! I'll tell you one thing, the skies aren't the same as they were when I was a kid. Now we have the petroleum polluters to fill in for the bomb guys, thanks a lot you goddamn fuckers!

Here's a shot of a hydrogen bomb, lots more powerful than those puny old atomic bombs!

This is a graph that shows the destructive difference between a hydrogen and an atomic bomb. The smaller circle represents an atomic explosion, the lager circle represents the hydrogen bomb explosion!

Some guy got the wild idea to use a super high speed camera to capture images of atomic explosions at the moment of detonation in the air, above ground.

These shots are truly amazing, here, you can see the ground and tower below the explosion!

I think these images would make terrific alien creatures, I can even imagine other weird parasite things inside them, ready to invade Earth!

We're back Wednesday with more Xmas treats, here at The Dungeon!


Dr. Theda said...

the "Lab Kit" came with an order form so you could order more uranium...!!!
When they test fired the first one ... there was "concern" that the explosion could have detonated the entire atmosphere of this planet...!!!
.... At least we are more "cautious" with "Nukes" these days....

Richard S. said...

The next time you're in Las Vegas, take a short trip off The Strip and visit the National Atomic Testing Museum ( They've got a LOT more of this sort of thing, and it's well worth your while.

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