Friday, August 31, 2012

CAPTAIN SINBAD / King Brothers Productions - 1963

It's Friday Night with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. I'm finishing the month with another Arabian adventure with our favorite Zorro, Guy Williams, as Sinbad the Sailor! Directed by Byron (THE WAR OF THE WORLDS) Haskin. I recently recorded THE GOLDEN SWORD with Tab Hunter off TCM, so, that one will be coming up in a future post...

Eegah!! sent over a nice lil' soundclip which sets the mood for this very cool flick! King Brothers produced GORGO two years earlier. Sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there adjacent from the giant motorized bowling ball, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's our audio offering for... CAPTAIN SINBAD!

The tale begins in the mad lab of the crazy old wizard, Galgo. He's just conjured up a storm cloud to water his plant!

Princess Jana wants to visit her husband-to-be, Sinbad, who's at sea. She has to completely undress before becoming a 'firebird' so that she can fly out and visit him! Galdo tells her... There are three men before whom a woman need have no shame: her husband, her doctor and her magician.

She makes it all the way to Sinbad's boat, but, attracts some unwanted attention...

A flock of giant Rocs attack from nowhere, and, sink Sinbad's boat by dropping boulders on it!

Pedro Armendáriz plays the evil, El Kerim!.. He's just captured a small naked Princess Jana and reveals who was behind the giant bird attack... Pedro died that same year at the age of 51, his last credit was for FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.

Sinbad gets rescued by some fishermen and is taken ashore to recover. Filmed in Germany.

In the meantime, El Kerim celebrates his recent victories by throwing a lavish party that includes strange dance performances!

Portrait of a damn good looking guy, no pun intended! Sinbad has just rejoined his men, who also made it to safety after the attack. He thought they were all dead, and, they thought that he had been killed!

El Kerim has unearthly powers due to a magic ring and crystal he possesses. Here, he hands Sinbad back his sword after he pulls it out himself, smiling the whole time!.. Game over, man!!

El Kerim orders an event for everyone to attend where Sinbad must fight to the death with various conjured up opponents! There's an invisible dragon with shades of the Id Creature in FORBIDDEN PLANET, but, unfortunately, the huge thing knocks over an immense torch and it literally torches the whole place, making for Sinbad's escape!

Princess Jana is then hidden away in a distant giant tower.

Sinbad and his men have to cross a desert and then trek through this swamp from Hell to get to the tower.

However, they have to get past this freaky looking dragon first!

Sinbad's men come up with a plan to push a large block of stone off a ledge and it clocks the thing squarely, knocking it into a fiery abyss, love it!!

When they get to the tower, the only way to reach the top is to climb a gigantic rope!!

It doesn't end there, Sinbad has to then take care of this deadly giant hand... What a man!!

The last thing Sinbad must do to bring peace and happiness back to his land is defeat El Kerim. Galgo throws Kerim's animated heart off the tower as Sinbad runs his sword through him again, this time, finishing the job! Watch that first step, it's a real doozy!


Retro Hound said...

The kids, wife, and I went on a Sinbad kick a while back but we missed this one.

Lacey said...

Despite the lavish sets and great cast, this was not that good of a movie. The pacing was too slow to keep your interest. Everyone in front of the camera did the best job they could however.

Christopher said...

saw this in the theater a few times as a kid,real popular in its day..dosen't seem to make the rounds anymore.

Eegah!! said...

That tower reminds of of The Stratosphere in Las Vegas, only they have an elevator and a casino there!

TABONGA! said...

I gots height-tra-phobia!

Anonymous said...

i love it when the bloke's arm goes miles and miles and then comes back quickly - you can see his real hand grab the fak one and pull it into his costume. very good.

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