Saturday, August 4, 2012

THE PSYCHOPATH - Ron Wood - "How Can It Be?" (1966)

I'd like to just take a second and thank all of you that read this blog on a regular basis, it's nice to know we're not the only krazy people in the world! Tonight's Saturday Night Special is dedicated to each and every one of you, and it's an obscure little Freddie Francis romp called "The Psychopath," or as it was released in Germany, "Der Puppen-Mörder."

"The Psychopath" starts off with this cat John (X:THE UNKNOWN, CURSE OF THE DEMON) Harvey as Reinhardt Klermer, getting pinned down by this red car in this dead end alley!

Inside of the violin case that he was carrying, was this weird doll that looked like either Reinhardt or a Presidential candidate, one of the two, you decide! VOODOO? Not quite!! More like just crazy!!

The string quartet is missing it's fourth tonight!

This is our next door neighbor's pad!

Patrick (CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED, THE SKULL) Wymark is the guy in charge of figuring the whole thing out, Inspector Holloway! Seeking clues he heads on over to the house of a known, but eccentric doll collector, a certain Mrs. Von Sturm, and this is what he finds!

"The Psychopath" is directed by Dungeon fave-a-roonie, the freakin' fantastic Freddie Francis! Using the keen eye he developed during his years as a Cinematographer, almost all of Freddie's flicks bring something special to the table, like hanging doll parts for instance! London stage actress Margaret (BURN WITCH BURN) Johnston as Mrs. Von Sturm, brings her own special brand of insanity to the party!

Sir John (TORTURE GARDEN) Standing has the role of Mrs. Von Sturm's son, Mark! Sir John has had a very active career, and was in a short, a TV series, and a movie released just this year! Mark seems to have a few issues of his own!

"It was THIS big!!" The Touchable Judy Huxtable is Louise Saville, the daughter of one of the men in the string quartet!

Judy was also in "Die Screaming Marianne" and "Scream And Scream Again!!!"

A doll is delivered to Louise's Dad, Alexander (THE SON OF DR. JEKYLL) Knox as Frank Saville, and it doesn't take a lot of imagination to visualize mentally what happens next! The former string quartet trimmed down to a trio, is now only a duet!

IF you're one of those kind of people that doesn't like dolls, then this is the prefect movie for you, because even the gal who sells cigarettes in the bar, Greta (THE DEADLY BEES) Farrer has one for you! "Cigars, cigarettes, freaky little weird dolls, cigars, cigarettes............"

One of the two remaining members is an accomplished artiste, Robert (BLOOD BEAST FROM OUTER SPACE) Crewdson as Victor Ledoux! Here's a look at Victor's model compared to his actual work!

Did I fail to mention that "The Psychopath" was written by famed "Psycho" author, Robert Bloch!?!

Besides painting, Victor Ledoux was also a sculptor! His studio also included a car junkyard where he salvages metal for his scuptures. Victor admits to The Inspector that he doesn't even like his own work, but it sells, and that was all that really mattered! The lower shot is more Freddie Francis madness!!

Thorley (PETTICOAT PIRATES, TROG, VAMPIRE CIRCUS) Walters as the nervous Marin Roth, gets pretty upset when he finds a doll in his own image!

And then the quartet was no more, and you would think that would be the end of the story, but.........

......during further investigation at Victor's junkyard studio, Inspector Holloway finds a doll that looks like HIM in one of the old cars right before it blows to Hell!!

How come these bars where you could go and sketch aren't popular anymore? I guess there's just not enough of you guys out there drawing! See all the fun you're missing out on watching TV!!

Even the gal who worked at the doll factory, Gina (THE DEADLY BEES) Gianelli as Gina, gets her own doll after she goes out on a date with Mark Von Sturm. During the rolling credits at the end of the film, the Von Sturms are listed as having the last name Maugham!

The main music from "THE PSYCHOPATH" was composed by Elisabeth (PARANOIAC) Lutyens, and some of it was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and arranged by Elizabeth, but the rockin' song from the club scene was written and performed by Faces and/or Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood!!

Unless somebody releases "The Psychopath" on DVD like they should, you're going to play Hell finding a copy, but I'll be damned if I'm going to tell you the ending, because that's something you need to discover for yourself! "The Psychopath" is a real jewel, and it's well worth mucking around trying to find a copy!! Good luck on your journey!


Carol said...

Wow. This looks really cool. Thanks for all the groovy pics!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

You'd like it I'm sure Carol!

Greg Goodsell said...

Just watched Freddie Francis' HYSTERIA the other day --

WilliamS Berger said...

Actually, the song is by Ron Woods' band the Birds.

EEGAH!! said...

I guess what I meant to say William, was that the song was by a band that Ron Wood of Small Faces, and Rolling Stones fame was in, called The Birds!

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