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SILVER ANGEL vs THE DEATH ZOMBIES / Wray Film Productions - 2003

It's Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. What we gots is the second movie the Dungeon Gang produced for our 13 O'Clock Theater series, the first being a b/w horror comedy, THE CREEP, in 2001.

We're reviewing it in an effort to create some interest in our movies offered there on the sidebar, both our DVD features for $10 with free shipping! Check it out! This poster was a 1-sheet printed by Budweiser for our local premiere. NEUTRON vs THE DEATH ROBOTS was pretty much the model for our script, I dig vintage Mexican monster movies the most!

We used royalty free sound files to create the music for our soundtrack, which is the way to go for quality and convenience when on a shoestring budget. But, you still have to compose all the pieces, I really like the theme, has a latino feel! Sooooo, push the big red 'GO' button there in front of your mandible, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's our soundclip for... SILVER ANGEL vs THE DEATH ZOMBIES!

This alley urchin (our pal, Donicio) is the first victim of the punching pink robot! We wanted the color burgandy, but, you can't dye tyvek, it will only tint! We kept them, concluding that pink was actually pretty cool considering our budget restraints.

Here are our heroes... Crime fighter Silver Angel and his gadget toting sidekick, Professor Valdez. World champion kickboxer Allen Tackett plays Silver Angel and Joey Garza plays the Professor. Joey was the first pick to star in CHICO AND THE MAN, but, turned it down! Allen got to meet Bruce Lee. The silver mask is a Santo knockoff from Mexico.

These are the bad guys... Dr. Mercury and his twisted little bald helper, Pluto! Robert Hernandez plays the mad doctor, who has visions of taking over the world with the use of his zombies, some of which are robots. Rodney Lee plays Pluto, Rodney was also The Creep!

We like to film at night, and, there are some exciting chase scenes that'll get your adrenaline flowing! Angel's Camero (owned by his friend) ran on jet fuel and I had to pay a staggering amount to run it!!

The robots are out collecting people for their brains so that Dr. Mercury can create more zombies. Eegah!! is piloting the main robot there, you can barely see him through his glass shield. I'm bringing up the rear, I just beat up a guy in the house.

Dr. Mercury's lab is pretty cool with it's lead walls and all, that way, it can't be located by radiation detectors!

The police find brainless 'Frank' laying in the woods after Pluto and the robots dumped him there!

Pluto asks Dr. Mercury if he would put his brain in a robot if he crashes the van and gets killed!

Eegah!! was given the task to learn some special effects software for this scene where Dr. Mercury blasts Silver Angel and Professor Valdez with this electric raygun, you can hear it electrocuting them in the soundclip.

What a great promo shot of Robert as Dr. Mercury!

Pluto collects the 'meatheads' from more of the doctor's victims!

There are even scenic nighttime shots of the city.

Great fight scenes with some of Allen's monster buddies, they weren't afraid to make the action look real. A friend of mine commented recently after seeing this for the first time, hey, the fights look real! Allen even kicked me real good a couple of times! Then, I tore my arm up when I fell back into a pomegranate tree. Mars was at it's closest point to Earth back when we were filming, and, my apartment building nearly burned down and I had to move, and, came close to losing everything! I ended up on the TV news holding one of my paintings, WTF!!

The professor shoots Pluto in the side and Dr. Mercury gets some revenge for Pluto screwing up another assignment by giving him an experimental booster shot, this is one hilarious scene! By the way, we don't do parody.

The zombies are back for more mayhem but are foiled with some quick thinking by Professor Valdez...

Even though Dr. Mercury and Pluto made their escape, Silver Angel is ready to strike back against any and all crimes that may come his way!.. Remember to check out our ad for our cool movies, Forry Ackerman hosts THE CREEP!


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Thanks, Doc... Glad to be of service!

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