Monday, August 13, 2012

SHE In Color / RKO Radio Pictures - 1935

It's another Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our awesome feature is even more awesome in color!! The story goes like this... Leo Vincey is told by his dying uncle of a lost land visited 500 years ago by their ancestor. Leo and his friend, Horace, set out to try to find the land again, with its secret of immortality that's said to be contained within a mystic fire! They meet Tanya, the guide's daughter, in the frozen Russian arctic, then, they stumble upon a cave leading to the lost land of Kor. They find a hidden civilization ruled over by an immortal queen, called She, who believes Leo to be her long-lost lover John Vincey, Leo's ancestor.

Eegah!! sent us over a great soundclip from this classic movie, sooooo, you might as well push the big red 'GO' button, conveniently located next to the little red 'STOP' button, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's some special music from... SHE In Color!

Randolph Scott plays Leo Vincey, here, he talks with his dying uncle about a lost civilization their ancestor had discovered years earlier. He shows Leo the gold statue that was brought back from the journey. Nigel Bruce plays family friend, Horace Holly.

The expedition into Russia is brutal, they find this guy frozen in ice and later encounter a devastating avalanche.

Leo, Tanya and Horace are separated from the others, they find the entrance to a mysterious cave and go inside. They are greeted by primitive natives who inhabit the dwelling.

They seem friendly enough and give them something to eat... Helen Mack plays Tanya, we remember Helen from SON OF KONG.

But, when they try to put this white hot headgear on Horace, Leo has to use his rifle to save him, causing the natives to go berserk.

They are saved by the High Priest who takes the three to the lost world of Kor, ruled by the uncanny woman known as... She!

Leo was seriously hurt in the scuffle with the natives and She saves him with her healing powers. She thinks Leo is her lost lover, John Vincey, since they look alike. Helen Gahagan makes an excellent She.

Especially with those clouds, this scenic shot looks very much like a Maxfield Parrish painting!

Tanya is causing problems, so, she's chosen for sacrifice.

Costumes and characters are just amazing!

I compared the ceremonial music in this soundclip with the club music in MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, both RKO productions, and, I think this is better, gives me the chills!

When the time is right, the guys grab Tanya and make an exit, stage left! Ray 'Crash' Corrigan has an uncredited role as a guard.

This is amazing to watch the many minions plunge to their deaths, Leo has just bumped that one off the ledge!

The three watch in horror as She basically ends her life by emitting all of her life forces.

I ended with this pic to let you know the gang all made it safely back to the land of the living...


TABONGA! said...

Wow, this looks like a cool flick!

Christopher M. Jimenez said...

Hey there,
I enjoy you blog very much and because of that, I have tagged you for a Liebster Blog Award!
I hope you enjoy and I look forward to reading your tags.

Douglas McEwan said...

This is the stupidest, most idiotic, nonsensical, ridiculous, over-the-top imbicility of a movie, and I totally love it. The people who made it are in deep need of therapy.

I read the book, and believe it or not, the book is even crazier than this overwhelmingly silly movie.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Yo Chris,
Thanx for the award, we appreciate it, but right now we've got no extra time to think. We still have hundreds of pictures to replace, and every single spare minute is going towards that goal!

Douglas, that comment pretty much surmises exactly why we do this!

Randy Wilharm said...

The same 2 gigantic wooden doors used
in King Kong are in this movie.

Unfortunately they were incinerated
for the fire scene in
"Gone with the wind"

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??