Saturday, August 11, 2012

SATANIK - Manuel Parada - "I Like Your Mind" (1968)

Tonight's Super Saturday Special is an outlandish film called "SATANIK" that features Jekyllette and Heidi on the loose! Try and live through this Griezel! Just for the record, Griezel translates from Dutch into Werido, Ugly, Creep, Horror!

Polish beauty Magda (When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Super Stooges vs the Wonder Women) Konopka is Dr. Marny Bannister, a woman who has gone astray, like completely gonzo!! The noble blooded Magda married the billionaire Jean-Louis Dessy in 1967 for 3 months, I can only assume she is still doing well today!

She has killed another Doctor, and taken the secret formula, and after nearly dying has come back as a ravishing beauty! Now it's time to get out there and mingle!!

You know it's a big wing ding when the whole Carcrashian crowd shows up!

Even though it might look like a Mexican movie, "SATANIK" should not get confused with "El Satánico" which was also released in 1968!

"SATANIK" Could possibly be declared a full flung fashion show for as many times as Magda puts on a different outfit!

Because they have this shot from inside a suit of armor while Magda is stripping, it's natural to assume there's somebody in there, but there's not!

Magda picked up her first sugar daddy at a bar, and he bought her lots of expensive jewelry etc.

Homeboy's Good-Time Charlie days are about to come to an end! Imagine that, it seems the effects of the stuff don't last forever! Kind of like those clear skin advertisements you see on the TV! In this state of mind, Magda is neither gentle or kind!!

Although the fashion sense is correct, this "SATANIK" 'zine should also not be confused with anything that has to do with this movie!

Dressing up like a candy cane is not going to make things any better!

Careful or you might choke on that hard candy!

A bikini that looks like a cross between the outfit on the gal from "Terror In The Year 5000," and the sign on the back of a 'Sparkletts' truck!

Magda ventures out again, trying to look inconspicuous this time!!

And just when you've had about enough, the music kicks in! Manuel (Mr. X, Terrible Sheriff, Christo Negro, Fistful Of Knuckles) Parada gets the composing credits, but who knows who the crazy guys in this band really are! The singer appears to be able to sing AND play the trombone at the same time, ...a feat even Glenn Miller wouldn't attempt!

The band gets ready to back the main act of the night! Everybody put your hands together for....

....the kinky two-faced stripper Doctor!

Slipping out of the club, stealing a car from a mechanic's shop, and disappearing off into the night, she's gone, "What went wrong?" - Hall & Oates

"SATANIK" pretty much ends right where it started, you don't really know who she is or where she's going. I guess if she found somebody else with the same formula, this could go on for quite a while! Griezel indeed!!


TABONGA! said...

Cool flick! I have an EL SATANICO Mex lobby card...

MarsHottentot said...

SATANIK is actually based on a long running Italian Fumetti Neri by Max Bunker - who also created the fantastic KRIMINAL! Same premise, though the comic version wears a costume.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

That is absolutely correct Mars, and for those of you who don't know what a Fumetti Neri is, it's a dark comic book!

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