Friday, August 7, 2009

THE FREAKMAKER - Basil Kirchin - "Mutations" (1974)

Wow, I really should have saved this one for the "Halloween Countdown" that we just agreed to participate in again this year, but honestly, I just can't wait til then, because It's Friday, and you all know that's the beginning of the Freak-End, so let's get it on with Jack Cardiff's "THE FREAKMAKER"!!!

The Seeds had a song on their second album, "Web Of Sound" released in 1966, called "The Tripmaker!" Frank Zappa and The Mother's Of Invention's "Freak Out" LP was also released in '66. It wouldn't be til 8 years later, in 1974, that "The Freakmaker" would get made! What does all that mean? Nothing really, I just like to write about some of my favorite records!! The great music for this film was created by the amazing Basil Kirchin, drummer and co-leader with his Dad of The Ivor And Basil Kirchin Orchestra, and his musical associate, another band leader in his own right, Jack Nathan!!

Oh, Yeah, the carnival or side show or whatever you want to call it, is in town!


Truly amazing actor Donald Pleasence plays the role of the all too evil Professor Nolter! Believe it or don't, Mr. Pleasence, just like Rupert Davies, was shot down during the war and spent time in a POW camp! You just have to wonder sometimes how strong these guys were to do these gruesome roles after having such horrible things happen to them personally in real life!! I'd ask Don, but he passed away in 1995.



Time for Dungeon Hero, muscleman Brad Harris to show up, and try and make heads or tails out of the whole mess!! Brad is looking quite dapper for this film! I ain't so sure about those glasses though!!

I think Miss Norway, 1962, Julie Hege, as Hedi, was the biggest freak in this movie! From Penthouse Pet to registered nurse, Julie did it all, and unfortunately left us last year as another cancer victim!!

This scene looks like a family reunion for some of Tabonga's relatives!!!

And yet another shot from Tabonga's family Tree!

I have no freakin' clue if the word freak is politcally correct these days, nor do I care! Here's a great shot of Félix Duarte, "The Frogboy" doing the deejaying at the freak's party, in his solo outing as a film actor!

So the good Doctor Nolter has been fooling around with mixing and messing people and plants, so how the Hell did you expect Jill Haworth to react? Last time we saw Jill, she was hangin' out with Frankie Avalon in "The Haunted House Of Horror!"

Man, I want to ride on the freakin' "Haunted Goldmine!" Looks just about my speed after a couple of a Cadillacs and some decent rauchen!!

It gets pretty obvious that this film is not about exploiting freaks, but rather showing how different people can be. Not so weird when they have their civies on! The whole cast of interesting people includes: Tony Mayne as Dwarf Tony, Molly Tweedlie as Dwarf Molly, Kathy Kitchen as Midget Kathy, Fran Fullenwider as the Fat Lady, Lesley Roose as the Skinny Lady, Fay Bura as the Bearded Lady, Bob Bura as the Fire Eater, O.T. as the Human Pincushion, Madge Garnett as the Monkey Woman, Willie Ingram as Popeye, Hugh Baily as Pretzel Boy, Félix Duarte as Frog Boy, and Esther Blackmon as Alligator Girl! As RicFlair would say, "Whew!!!"

I've seen this shot other places on the internet, but WOW, what a lab! I thought it was worth an encore! This film has way too much going on for it! We're almost done, & I haven't even had a chance to mention Tom Baker as "Lynch", seen here with Dr. Nolter. Tom has been working steady right up til last year. I'd pass out before I could even describe his fascinating role in this film!

Multi-coloured rainbow acid death! Thanx Jack!!

You knew Brad would pull it off in the end! If you have never seen it, you need to rent this movie!! One word, Netflix!!


TABONGA! said...

Tabonga! love this flick!!!

RODAN! said...

Man, I love this movie!!

Anonymous said...

Ric Flair say 'wooo' not 'whew.'

Prof. Grewbeard said...

it's in the queue and i just saw Donald in You Only Live Twice so how about that?

p.s. who's Ric Flair? i've heard of Bic Flare- you have to watch out for those or you might singe your eyebrows!...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Ya'll puttin' me on here! We're talkin' Richard Morgan Fliehr, 16 time World Champion Freakin' Something no matter where you live!!

Christopher said...

Ric Flair..Dusty Rhodes..Bruiser Brodie..some old time faves!

buzz said...

Isn't that Goldfinger's laser in the lab?

Spike G. said...

Read about this in the Monster times, have yet to see it. Looks Great

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Y'know Buzz, I could probably answer that question if my kid's computer didn't get that damned Jackson-Fawcett virus today!! What a load of crap!!! A more pertinent question would probably be how much did they pay to use it again?
I.E. You are most likely right! What the Hell else were they going to do with it?

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