Saturday, August 22, 2009

THE GALAXY INVADER / Don Dohler - 1985 / Music by Norman Noplock

Saturday Afternoon Filck bring you Don Dohler 1985 schlock classic THE GALAXY INVADER. Don do it all, here is what IMDb credit him for... Producer, Writer, Editor, Director, Cinematographer, Sound Department, Actor, Camera and Electrical Department, Self! Not bad, he even get credit for being 'Self.' Other project for Don: ALIEN FACTOR (coming soon), FIEND, NIGHTBEAST, CRAWLER, VAMPIRE SISTERS and more.

Music guy Norman Noplock, get this, work only on this one flick and get credit for composer, sound effect editor and musician!! Afternoon soundclip also feature excellent dialogue and show difficulties of monster crashing rocketship in South! Better to crash someplace like SF!!
We got 'em!!.. ALRIIIIGHT!!!

GALAXY INVADER crash in woods and electrify car when pass by overhead!

Couple hear noise in basement. But, there not supposed to be noise in basement!

Redneck Sr. and Redneck Jr. find INVADER' electric egg.

Gurlfiend shouldn't interrupt King Asshole Galoot when acting so important in front of idiot pals!

Dude look scarier than him!!

Pencil-neck geek (who car got electrified at beginning) call scientist to come and help find INVADER before redneck do! Bar chick think science is very sexy!!


Shootout at Holdup Hollow!

For redneck, everyday is 4th of July!

Sometime, monster have to get sleep too!

You know about Blueboy?

Drunk redneck dad love his niece, in all wrong ways! He wear that same dirty t-shirt full of holes for entire flick!!

Mom finally had it with nutjob redneck dad and whomp his thick skull hard wif' rifle butt!

Now, world is better place!



Christopher said...

I might have to see this one..sounds kinda fun..I like redneck drama!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

oooh, i tried to watch this one once- you're a braver beast than i, Eebonga!!!...

TABONGA! said...

A monster got's to do what a monster got's to do...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Considering that I know how bad your taste is, I'll take that as a compliment! Eebonga!! Never woulda thunk!! Good'n!!

Max said...

I think scenes from this flick accompany the credits for Pod People in the version screened by the MST3K boys. The shots of the egg and the rubbersuit alien in the grave look very familiar.

Greg Goodsell said...

My favorite George Stover role is Mr. Gravel in "Desperate Living" where he gets killed by having a 400-pound maid sit on him!

TABONGA! said...

George Stover play Redneck Jr. in GI.

Anonymous said...

@Max: You are correct sir. The film distributor for Pod People (Film Ventures International, the same folks responsible for MST'ed films like Cave Dwellers, Master Ninja and City Limits) had a habit of adding their own, butchered opening titles to movies (parodied to great effect by Joel & the bots in 'Cave Dwellers').

Sadly, MST3k never used The Galaxy Invader in an episode. A shame, as it is one of my favorite bad movies of all time.


Anonymous said...

I came up with "GALAXY INVADER" and Don musta liked it, 'cause...he took it!

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