Saturday, August 8, 2009

BABA YAGA aka KISS ME, KILL ME / Italy ~ France - 1973 / Music by Piero Umiliani

Okay, we getting something straight right now, Tabonga not gonna try to e'splain tonight surreal flick as Tabonga not need migraine headache #13 a la mode! Everbloody need to see flick for self! Hint, top photo is motorcycles...

But, Baba Yaga is Slavic witch who play with dolls and command animal! Carroll Baker play Baba. MST3K favorite JACK FROST have Baba Yaga wif' house that turn around on chicken leg!!!.. Hell yeah!!

Music is great! Mr. Piero Umiliani have 138 composing credit and 18 soundtrack credit! Check out other flick he make music for: HUNCHBACK ITALIAN STYLE, SMOG, LOVE FACTORY, WORST SECRET AGENTS, PEEP SHOW, NERO, HUNTER FROM THE UNKNOWN, RING AROUND THE WORLD, FANTASTIC ARGOMAN, MAN ON A SPYING TRAPEZE, ORGASM, ISLAND OF TERROR, SEXY SCHOOLTEACHER and many more!

Believe or not, pet tarantula Ralphie went to mall with big brother and pet gnat Piff visiting grandma, so Tabonga get turn to press old 'GO' button. An' here we GOOOO!.. KISSY KISSY KILL KILL! Okay, here come eye + ear sensory pleasure overload!

Must be horrible to be hot chick!!

Dum de de dumm, dum de dum dee.... Doorbell!

Just want to get respectible before answer door!

Nice chickie pad!!

Cop want to make sure Jesus not starting any trouble!

Wow, Tabonga definitely want Invisi-Phone by WHAM-O!!

Beautiful Isabelle De Funès play pro photographer Valentina Rosselli.

Time to go for night ride.

Valentina need to pay electricity bill...

Why dude is afraid of skinny weakling white guy?!

Whoa, he definitely seem scared!

Hey, man... WTF!!

I've got a library book to retuuurrrrrr...


Tabonga just throw this one in for fun!


Her devil doll get head chop off, so Carroll come out a pullin'!!

Carroll die and return as cute lil' pussy katz!


Christopher said...

oh yeah..this is a good 'un...haven't seen it in awhile

Prof. Grewbeard said...


...and it figures the wifey would read over my shoulder for this one!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Tabonga officially apologize to Prof' wife for darn Italian/French gurlz who have no shame and then Tabonga capitalize on it due to weak willpower.

Greg Goodsell said...

Love the shoe pix!

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Monster Music
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