Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SOUNDPROOF & GREATEST SCIENCE FICTION HITS LP's with "Forbidden Planet" style covers!

It's an off night, so here's a closer look at two items that I have on EeBay!! I have to plug these two LP's because they're images everybody's probably seen on the Internet, but it's not exactly often you get a chance to own one, and these are pretty decent copies!!! Here's a real short sample of the magic madness of Ferrante & Teicher on "Soundproof!" Spanish space electro-onisism! Right on!!Here's "Cumana"!!!

This LP actually featured one of the composers featured on this site many, many times, the phenomenal Les Baxter producing, arranging and playing keys 1979 style!! Here's a short sample entitled, "GODZILLA!! These folks are all deeply indebted forever to Louis and Bebe Barron for the music from "Forbidden Planet!" Not to mention the fact they both used United Planets Cruiser C-57D landing on Altair's 4th planet for their cover image!!


Doc Atomic said...

Excellent vinyl. The covers alone are worth the price of admission.

Christopher said...

those are actually kinda cool..Wonder how many people would recognize the gawdziller music without being told what it was?..

Monster Music

Monster Music
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