Saturday, August 15, 2009

SNOWBEAST / TV - 1977 / Music by Robert Prince

Well, wha' chew know, it already time for Saturday afternoon Dungeon flick, this time from lost monster TV world of 1977!! If you like to watch snow melt for 86 minute, then this one made for you, bud! Star Bo (DEEP SPACE) Svenson, Yvette (THE TIME MACHINE) Mimieux, Robert (LOGAN'S RUN) Logan.. (just kidding!) and Clint (KILLDOZER) Walker. Bo gots a very impressive list of credits, check it out on IMDb! Then, writer is Joseph (PSYCHO screenplay/OUTER LIMITS) Stefano! Still, no saving this dud!

Nice soundclip for TV movie though. Composer Robert Prince have 52 credit, and mostly for TV. Some thing he work on: THE WILD WILD WEST, MANNIX, LAND OF THE GIANTS, NIGHT GALLERY, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, GARGOYLES, GHOST STORY (TV), WONDER WOMAN, SQUIRM, CLAWS, BUCK ROGERS and more!

Tabonga' pets Ralphie and Piff stay up too late last night to watch scary flick double feature, so they still crash out on floor! (Is funny to hear Piff snore!) So, anywho, here we 'GO' wif' today' Saturday afternoon festivity!.. SNOWBLIND!!

Snowbeast... Meet Gurl!

Gurl... Meet Snowbeast!

Okay, now that formality out of the way!..

Oopsie!! This must be gurlie with no face... An' no arm... An' no foot... An' no kneecap... An' no...

Hey, aren't you Bo Svenson?!!

Robert, please, you know who I am! This is really getting embarrassing!

Yvette, 17 years after playing Weena, now seventies snow bunny!

Main actors all big guys!

Oh, Betty Jo, come on and SMILE for the SNOWBEAST!!

Wowzers, that SNOWBEAST one very clever and tricky dude!!.. Watch out below!!!

Sorry Clint, it in the script!!

Oh, Bo know what to do, alright!.. Actually, Bo end up by plunging very sharp ski pole into SNOWBEAST' heart!!


Christopher said...

LOL!..oh betty Jo SMILE
ok..don't smile =:oO

Prof. Grewbeard said...

man, i'd forgotten all about Bo Svenson!

PooBahSpiel said...

I remember seeing this movie when it aired on television. My favorite part was when a mother runs out to her car only to find her mangled daughter in it. It will always remain in my mind as a perfect example of "Parking Lot Panic", where everyone runs around willy nilly in a parking lot, and then someone opens a car door only to get a gruesome surprise.

TABONGA! said...

Mark, Tabonga' favorite 'willy nilly' panic scene from Rebane's THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION!

Greg Goodsell said...

With the exception of NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1981), and maybe SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED, all movies about Bigfoot are as boring as hell!

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