Friday, August 14, 2009

SLIPSTREAM - "Im Not Takin' You In!" (1989)

Whoa! Thursday The 13th went by before I even noticed, I think it's from all this gazing into the future, of which tonight is no exception! From a completely different angle, and 53 years later after "Things To Come" the future is lookin' even weirder than ever in "Slipstream," A title that stirred many an author's fancy I sense, as there were at least 4 more movies made with the exact same title, but not content, in 1967 (Spielberg), 1973 (DJ movie featuring the music of Derek & The Dominoes, and Van Morrison), 2005 (Sci-Fi), and again in 2007 (Anthony Hopkins writes, directs, acts & get this, wrote the music)!! And we thought we could copyright the title "The Creep!" Right!!!

This film has it all in some form or another! There's homage to Alfred(Yesterday, August 13th would have been his birthday!)!

Are you sure this is the future? Looks more like "Biker Babylon Ride" to me! I just recently watched this movie, and it was a real love/hate relationship, but despite all the bad elements, it had enuf good stuff that it wasn't a total waste of time!! Yet somehow, it's slipped all right, almost into total obscurity. They had it all, the director was Steve Lisberger, the guy who directed "Tron!"

Cast members included names like Mark Hamill, Bill Paxton, Ben Kingsley, F. Murray Abraham, Bob Peck, and Rico Ross, and yet it just wasn't a future that the public was willing to buy, literally, and I'm also not sure they were ready to accept Mark Hamill in this total A-hole role!!

Tasker and Byron fly through the Slipstream and even further into the future!

Here's just a small sample from "SLIPSTREAM" to whet your appetite, from the genius mind of composer Elmer Berstein, with just a taste of Then Jericho thrown in for good measure. The film also utilized some music by The Yardbirds, Nana Vasconcelos, and the ultra swank "Barefootin'" by Robert Parker, if you can scrape up a soundtrack somewhere, it'd probably be a bargain!!

This future location includes all the essentials like Lottsa Booze, Hot Tubs, Frisbees, and Rubber Duckies! Yeehah!!

As they go from one location to the next, there's some neat shots, and also a whole bunch of real 'dusty' shots, as the wind whips thru the slipstream!

But the real action lies beyond these doors, this is where all the rich, cool and/or overly educated people ended up, and it ain't Hell, imagine that!!

As a matter of fact, it looks a lot like an underground Hearst Castle!

This film is smart at times, like this scene where even an android can face his past!

The champagne flows like water, but sometimes the oxygen is a little scarce!!

In the future, every day is going to be like a Happy New Year's Eve party!

And a place, where even an android can fall in love!!! Aaahhh!!!!

"I said, I'm not takin' you in!"

Way too much going on, but we can't forget Kitty Aldridge as Mark Hamill's pardner, Belitski! She's so sweet and nice, it's worth watching the movie just to see her get one in the chops!!
Used DVDs of "Slipstream" are available on for a penny plus shipping!!! It's really quite a bit better than that, but that pretty much says it all!!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

Mark Hammill should play The Joker! and i'm not talking about a game of Poker! did Mohammed Ali say that, or did i?...

Prof. Grewbeard said...

yes, i know about his voice-over work! i mean like live-action, duuuuude.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I think it was Cassius Clay, Bro, but I also think you're right!

Greg Goodsell said...

Was this how things were after ... the Robot Apocalypse?

PunkinElf said...

I am on a Bob Peck binge. He was a very good actor (The Scold's Bridle, Edge of Darkness - not the MG crap) and read (I thought) all critiques of this movie. Popped corn and sat and watched.
I've seen worse. Peck was excellent. There is a glimmer of an excellent movie in there. Also in keeping with Peck's environmental stand in Edge of Darkness.
As I say, good for a Peck binge. Resent the Kingsley/Abraham bs poster also. Thanks for the great read!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

It's always cool to to see that people dig thru the archives! Thanx P.E.

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