Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SHOCK / 20th Century Fox - 1946 / Music by David Buttolph

Tonight Tabonga bring you lil' flick made in backlots of Century City studio. Dungeon god Vincent Price star as crazed Dr. Richard Cross. Big deal here, Vinnie have NO MOUSTACHE!! Whoa! Vinnie first flick wuz in 1938 and he had starring role!

Music dude David Buttolph end up with 190 composing credit, 80 music department credit and have 3 soundtrack credit, not bad! A few flick he work on: PIGSKIN PARADE, MR. MOTO'S GAMBLE, ISLAND IN THE SKY, THE GORILLA, THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, TOBACCO ROAD, WHISPERING GHOSTS, IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A DOG, HOUSE OF WAX, THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, THE DEEP SIX and ONIONHEAD!!

Eegah!! put together 'nother great soundclip, and, pet gnat Piff all up in Tabonga face wanting to press big old 'GO' button for tonight, so, wif'out further adieu, here it come... SHOCKING, NO?!

Emotional Anabel Shaw check into hotel to see husband who coming home from war. While waiting, she witness murder!

She try to take her mind off of it so she look at photo of husband. Then, everything start spinning in circle!

Mushrooms kicking in real good now and she starting to have wild 'n' crazy sexy-gurl fantasy.


Husband Frank Latimore show up and poor wife in coma, so he call doctor to help! But, doctor is big dummy, so he call another doctor!

Doctor suggest specialist Dr. Cross to look after her. Work out swell for Vinnie since he the dude she see commit murder!

Say the fly to the spider!..

Vinnie' need to get rid of wifey, soooo...

Things not going that great for Anabel, time really flying by.

Then, Vinnie' gurlfiend Lynn Bari want him to stop being big maniac!.. Bad idea!

Everbloody bust into room and save Anabel from evil Dr. Cross.

Great end as Vinnie, caught in act, make last medical log entry on tape machine, then calmly take off lab coat and leave with flatfoot for bighouse.


Christopher said...

sho is alot o thunderin'..
Pigskin Parade! theres a funny flick!

Darfish said...

"Don't be afraid, we won't let the storm hurt chew"
Whaaa haa haaaaaaaaaaa!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

no moustache?!?...

Greg Goodsell said...

You should really read Vincent Price's bio, written by his lovely daughter, some day ...

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