Monday, August 10, 2009

CRAZE - John Scott - "Demon Idolatry" (1974)

Tonight's feature is "CRAZE", and trust me, you would not want to be around me tonight, because I'm about as crazed as I can get, and here's the reason why!!! Have you yet heard of the Jackson/Fawcett virus? One guy called it "Extortion-Ware," but I think you could add "Destruction-Ware" to that byline also, and why nobody's going out talking about this damned thing, I have no idea, because it's one destructive MoFo! Supposedly if you search Michael or Farrah fotos, and you hit on the wrong site, it's all over! It even replaces your desktop wallpaper with a warning that you have a virus, and they want $130.00 for their continually popping up software to set your shit straight and let you have your computer back!!! It was my kid's computer, and I've spent the last two days re-installing Windows, and it even fried one of the network adapter slots. It takes your computer and turns it into a drooling out of control piece of garbage, not unlike tonight's movie!

I really didn't like "Craze" much or even have a good copy of it, plus along with everything else, I just don't care right now!!! Even the sound was real muddy compared to our normal High-Fidelity AM sound!

I will tell you this much, I'll watch anything with Jack Palance in it, but this wasn't easy or good!!!

Here's the info that hurts me the most, this film is directed by Dungeon Director Hero, Freddie Francis, and the music contained within was written and possibly partially performed by musical genius John Scott! John maybe has the most massive body of work of any composers we've written about (Oh, Boy, I hope we don't get in trouble for this one), and one of the biggest bios I've ever seen on! Dig this, John Scott was the cat that played the flutes on The Beatles' "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" and that's probably one of his smaller accomplishments!!! Composer, Producer, Musician and leader of a Jazz Band, John Scott is one amazing story all unto himself, and if life was fair his name would be a common household word!!! Oh, yeah, and don't forget, "Craze" was produced by none other than Herman Cohen!!! WTF went wrong here anyhow???

You can tell from these POV shots that it's one of Freddie's films all right!!

"Craze" also included starlets Julie Ege and Suzy Kendall, and OMG, what happened to Diana Dors? Now, I need a drink, too!! Who said life was fair?? It sure as Hell wasn't me!!

Here's Jack gazing into the future, looking toward his next role!!

"Finish your drink, I want to talk to you!!!"

Cheers!!! Be careful where you tread!!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

good lord!(choke!)thanx for the heads-up. looks like a "fun" film if you're in the right mood, Palance is always "fun" to watch...

Greg Goodsell said...

This is the only film in which the great Jack Palance plays a "gay" role! Check out the heavy male bonding he has with his male protege!

Unknown said...

I actually know Ron Starr from the movie This is not a test. Thought you might be interested. He is 76 now.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

That is so random, and yet so interesting! Next time you see Ron, tell him The Dungeon said Happy Birthday, and ask him how it felt to beat up all those chickens!! Heck, that couldn't have been much fun!!

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