Monday, October 10, 2022

ED, EDD n EDDY'S BOO HAW HAW / The Spider Scene - 2005

Cartoon Network has had many great series, like good old ED, EDD n EDDY, which had some especially wild n weird episodes like their Halloween special where they trek to Spook-E-Ville for some spooky Halloween treats.

Of course, Ed, with his overly vivid imagination, is hallucinating like a mofo and is leading the charge to get to Spook-E-Ville. On the way, Ed sees a big spider on a tree...

It getting closer and closer!

The creepy giant spider lands on the ground in front of the gang.

In reality, it's just their friend Jonny who has dropped down from a tree limb on a rope. Ed though, is still seeing Jonny as a big spider preventing them from passing through its territory on their way to Spook-E-Ville.

Jonny asks Double D if he's supposed to be throw up. His answer is... Yes. Eddy's dressed up as an Elvis type character.

Ed thinks that he needs to appease the monster to get its permission to pass. You have to admit, Ed has a pretty good imagination, Jonny is gruesome as a giant spider!!

Then, Ed sees Jonny's candy bag still in the tree.

He grabs it...

And spills the candy on the ground for the imaginary thing.

After the spider gobbles al the candy down, Ed asks it for permission to pass.

Jonny says, sure!

So, the Ed Gang continues down the path to Spook-E-Ville!

They pass through a swamp, they're getting closer and closer to their destination!

Eddy can't wait for all that candy, while Double D has some doubts about if they're on the right path, remember, Ed's leading the way.

Then suddenly, Double D sees something.

This is no hallucination, there's a giant shadow of someone with a big pig! It's actually their pal Rolf and his pet pig casting the shadow.

But that's too much for Ed, he grabs Double D and Eddy and gets them the heck outta Dodge! There you go, a Halloween treat for us all.

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Grant said...

ED, EDD & EDDY managed to be pretty famous, but it's still a little underrated.

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