Friday, October 14, 2022

THE WEREWOLF / The Trailer - 1956

I saw THE WERWOLF along with TARANTULA in 1956 as a double feature, a real roller coaster ride for an 8 year old. TARANTULA freaked me out the most, watching Leo G. Carroll melt before the Tarantula gets him! But I digress... So, THE WEREWOLF had great transformation scenes, some of the best. And yes, we do see it happen before our very eyes with this special Punkin Stuffer, just for you!

Yeesh, those hairy hands with sharp lookin' finger nails!

And............ EEK!! Is That Teeth?!

That's right, two atom-age scientists are responsible for this man-made thing from Hell.

They turn a measly Man into a deadly snarling BEAST...

Making the 10,000-year-old-werewolf-horror-legend come true! What more could you want? You just gotta see this movie, c'mon!

In case you were wondering...

With Dan Megowan?? Dude, his name in Don Megowan, not Dan! Don played the Gill Man in THE CREATURE WALKS AMOMG US the same year.

Joyce Holden also starred in one of my favorite movies, TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000, saw it with Eegah!! in 1960 at the theater. BTW, Joyce died in January of this year at age 91.

Steven Ritch worked in TV mostly with 48 acting credits from 1950 to 1962.

Without a doubt, the scene in the jail cell with the two evil doctors scared the bejesus out of me, it is still super creepy even today!

Well, if you come see the movie, you'll see the most exciting hunt...

That ever tracked down Man... Or Beast! You see, sometimes he's just a man, sometimes he's a freaking Werewoof Beast!!

Don't miss it, coming to a theater near you in 1956! GFL with that one! There you go, a special Punkin Stuffer for a Friday.

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