Monday, October 24, 2022


I noticed some strange goings on at Kamp Koral and though I'd share them with you. I've never seen any of these episodes but as always, the gang over at Spongebob's always come up with terrific monsters, with CGI to boot!

Let's see what prompted this scene... Hmmm, let's see, could it be because Spongebob and Patrick are messing around with a baby jellyfish and forgot that mom was lurking around?

The Flying Dutchman creeps out Mr. Krabs' trading post while the old crab's away!

Leave it to our two knuckleheads to be afraid of the cutest thing on God's Green Earth!

Maybe they should be afraid of the angler fish monster it's attached to... Or not.

Then they meet this little silly putty dude.

Patrick backs into a giant spider web like a moron, and a spider girl comes down to say hey!

Then this guy shows up and he doesn't look all that friendly!

Spongebob and Patrick can't take the heat and race away from the bundle of terror. There's a lesson here, you can't help what you look like!

Back at the ranch, our two little greedy pals eat nearly all the candy, they both belch out loud for about 10 seconds straight, of course.

Suddenly, Spongebob and Patrick look at each other in horror, OMG, kids, what have we done!!

Then they realize, how cool!.. Squidward comes out of his councilor's room and tells the two to shut the Hell, UP!!!

And when they turn around, Squidward backs slowly into his room and closes the door.

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs are cornered by a very angry outhouse ghost what accuses them of abusing their outhouse privileges.

And it repays them back with their own shit!

First, Squidward gets a heaping helping of raw sewage.

Spongebob is next!

Patrick, in happy mode, uses a big pot to catch the waste, and I do believe he plans on having it for his next meal!!

Then, the outhouse ghost really pours it on!

Mr. Krabs is last to get his just desserts, and even gets a rancid diaper left over from when Pearl was a baby. Hope this made your day better, somehow, and see you back here in a few days....

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