Saturday, October 1, 2022


Let's get this month long Countdown to Halloween off to a good start, with some really scary stuff on this candy corny Saturday Night Special!

Wait a minute, what holiday is this anyway? There's so many any more!

"The Paul Lynde Halloween Special" aired 46 years ago, smells like moldy cheese and is just as tasty!

There's one thing about Paul Lynde! He was one of a kind!

Paul's housekeeper is played by none other than Margaret Hamilton, who everybody in the world will recognize as the The Wicked Witch of the West from "The Wizard Of Oz."

Paul has all the scariest people of 1976 on his show like Donny and Marie Osmond."

Witchiepoo was played by Billie Hayes who made a career out of playing characters and doing voice overs for characters like Weenie the Genie, Granny Whammy, Mother Mae-Eye, and Granny Applecheeks!
Everybody's favorite little guy Billy Barty joins the cast as a guy named Gallows!

Even the scariest person in the world Betty White attends the ceremonies as Miss Halloween.

Even Paul can't believe it!

Another interesting but less than scary moment involves a trucker skit with Tim Conway!

Roz (Pinky Tuscadero) Kelly adds a little spice to the proceedings. 
Witchiepoo is so evil, she thinks "The Exorcist" is funny!

The musical entertainment is presented by KISS. I had no idea that Paul Stanley could levitate!

Super scary Florence Henderson shows up as herself!

Now that we've got this party started, drop in and see what some of the other "Countdown To Halloween" folks have going on! You might even scare yourself!!


Deadpan Flook said...

There’s lots of classic Halloween specials for American TV shows, isn’t there! I wish more of our old British shows had Halloween themed episodes….

Have a great Countdown!

EEGAH!! said...

Yeah, that's interesting, but I really never thought about it before.

SCB said...

Would you believe this is one of the first DVDs I ever bought? This, and season 1 of The Osbournes, Halloween (1978), a Super Bit edition of Heavy Metal, and Zardoz.

EEGAH!! said...

What a Weirdo!! I no longer feel like I'm spinning in a morass of despair! Thanx!

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