Wednesday, August 17, 2022

THE WILD WILD WEST - "The Night Of The Flying Pie Plate" (1966)

It's not just Wednesday, and it's not just Wild Wednesday, it's Wild Wild Wednesday down in The Dungeon!

Tonight's feature is the second episode of the incredible TV show "The Wild Wild West," and the name of this episode is "The Night Of The Flying Pie Plate."

If this group of cowboys looks totally astounded by what they see, it's because they've just come across a flying saucer, or in cowboy lingo, a flying pie plate!
Speaking of flying pie plates, check out this Offbeat version!

My first question of course is how do a bunch of cowboys even know what a flying saucer is? They have no TV, radio or internet! Hell, they don't even have books or running hot water and there are not even cars yet!
So that takes away a lot of credibility of the story right from the start!

This green-skinned blonde Goddess exits the spacecraft to a group of freaked out cowpokes! 
Leslie (Missile To The Moon) Parrish was also Glacia Glaze on the "Batman" TV show.

Gol'durn it! What the heck??

What do you think? We don't even know what a flying saucer is, and now one has landed right here! How is that even possible?

Two more sisters pop out to the amazement of the gathered throng!
The two sisters are Arlene Charles who was also one of Dr. Goldfoot's robots, and Cindy Taylor who was one of the gnome-maidens in "The Gnome-Mobile," so they are experienced at these kinds of roles.

The girls outfits are covered in precious stones that they are willing to trade for the 400 pounds of gold they need to power their ship back to Venus.
The guy in the middle is Hellfire Simon, the local religious fanatic that thinks everything is evil, especially this space ship!

Artemus Gordon inspects the jewels for authenticity!

Wait a minute! Who is this peering out of a hole in the side of the saucer? That doesn't look like the eye of one of the girls.

The townsfolk put all their gold together in expectation of trading it for jewels worth ten times the money, but even though it was the result of years of work, they are still 300 pounds short!

Ironically, the reason Jim West is in town is to watch over a gold shipment that needs to sit in the local assay office vault for a couple of days. And No, they can't borrow it!

The plan all along was for the space girls to steal the gold!

The jig's up. It's fake, The flying saucer is made out of wood and was dropped by a hot air balloon, and the girls are all just a bunch of pretty petty thieves!

The ole hidden knife in the boot trick is put to good use!

Most of the bad guys go ka-blooey, and the girls might have to do some prison time, but it won't be for long I'm sure.

The story ends with what appears to be a real UFO in the midnight sky!
Fantastic, Incredulous, and you can watch it all for free on YouTube!


Ralphie Bitsko said...

Wow, a full episode of OFFBEAT! Those guys know how to have fun, and the Offbeat Girl is the cherry on top! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lesslie parish second time on wild wild west she was also in first season playing mike dunns girl friday

Anonymous said...

La série n’est pas un vrai western mais du steampunk où la technologie moderne est transposée dans le passé. La présence d’une soucoupe volante n’est donc pas incongru. Le signalement d’objets Volants non identifiés est documenté dès cette période.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Steampunk indeed!

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