Saturday, August 27, 2022

BACK TO THE BEACH - "Wipe Out " (1987)

"Bikini Beach" is my favorite of all the classic beach movies because it had Candy Johnson, The Exciters, and The Pyramids in it, but today's Saturday Night Special is a nostalgia fest from the 80's called "Back To The Beach!"
I can't really recommend this film because, well, it's just kind of stupid, but like "Bikini Beach," "Back To The Beach" has got some really cool music in it!

What person in the world doesn't love Annette? She still looked great at 45, and how can you possibly go wrong hooking her up with one of L.A.'s hottest 80's bands, Fishbone?
The answer is you can't!
"Ska Ska Ska!!!"
And a performance of "Pipeline" by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Dick Dale just seals the deal!!

There are cameos by everybody from The Beaver and Wally Cleaver, to Gilligan and Pee-wee Herman and more, but it's just not quite enough! Pee-wee does his version of "Surfin' Bird," but most of the videos on youTube are trash.
My suggestion is just watch these two videos and call it good, and while you do that, I'm going to Disneyland!!


Grant said...

Speaking of cameos, I only have one problem with this film but it's kind of big. Apart from Dick Dale himself, I don't think there's a single one by an actual actor from these films. (Of course, Connie Stevens was in "beach movies," but not the obvious series.)

EEGAH!! said...

Astute observation Grant, instead they chose to go with famous 60's faces, mostly remembered for being in sitcoms.

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