Wednesday, August 10, 2022

THE WHO AT KILBURN - "The Kids Are Alright" (1977)

It's a Rock and Roll Wednesday in The Dungeon, and I've got a free ticket for this concert for you, and you don't have to worry about anybody standing in front of you blocking your view, or spilling beer on you! Whether you're a fan of The Who or not, you should still be able to appreciate this concert film from 1977 just because it's that well done!

As stated, if nothing else, this concert is historical in nature for being the last concert of The Who's iconic drummer, the late Keith Moon.

More cool explanations!

Who were The Who? 
Well, just in case you lived in a bunker the last fifty years, this is front man and lead singer Roger Daltrey!

Here's a good shot of guitarist Pete Townsend!
The fact that he jumped out of frame is just who Pete Townsend was!

What the Hell can I say about Pete Townsend that you shouldn't already know?

Just for the record, as far as I can tell there is no connection at all between The Who, Dr. Who, and Who Do You Love.

One of the most important and least appreciated member of any band is the guy holding down the bottom, who in this case was the extremely talented John Entwhistle!
In this film I was glad to see them use one of John's song's "My Wife." 
I love that song!!  

The last member of The Who was the living dynamo Keith Moon!

If they could have figured out a way to harness Keith Moon's energy, he could have probably generated
enough power to run a small hamlet!

Look at the size of Keith's drum kit, and he uses every inch of it!

They even do Keith Moon's song "Uncle Ernie" before ripping into Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues" followed by a great version of "Shakin' All Over."
and The Who too!

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