Friday, August 19, 2022

DEPUTY DAWG In "Astronut" - 1962

Here's a fun cartoon for a Friday where Deputy Dawg and Muskie encounter a frisky little spaceman, so let the craziness begin...

Deputy has fixed the Sheriff's car and is taking it to him when Muskie asks to go along for the ride. But then something weird happens.

A funny little spaceman shows up and is buzzing Deputy Dawg in his spaceship.

Then it stops in the middle of the road, blocking Deputy's path.

The little thing puts Deputy Dawg in his ship and gestures that he wants to trade vehicles with him, it's in love with the Sheriff's old clunker

It jumps in and starts driving the old car around.

But Deputy Dawg draws his gun and forces the spaceman out of the car.

Deputy and Muskie speed away in the Sheriff's car and Deputy puts it in a jail cell for safe keeping, what's the little spaceman to do now?

Well, it's a simple task, just hook the building to the ship and...

It takes the building and turns it on its side, exposing the Sheriff's car. And it get's taken away by the spaceman and it starts driving the old jalopy around at full speed.

Deputy jumps in the spaceship but has some trouble figuring out how it works.

He even goes into space before he finally gets a handle on how to operate it.

Deputy gets back to Earth and chases the little trouble maker.

They run head first into each other with the vehicles and parts fly everywhere. 

They start gathering them up but end up fighting over the parts. 

The parts get all mixed up and the little spaceman barely gets back into space.

The Sheriff shows up to pick up his car, Deputy Dawg's tells him it's in tip top shape.

But the Sheriff gets a trip into space when he starts it up, and Deputy Dawg is in a peck of trouble of course. See you tomorrow for more from The Dungeon Gang.

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