Wednesday, August 3, 2022

TEASERAMA - "Films I Doubt I'll Ever Watch" (1938 - 1982)

Here's a whole Weird Wednesday's worth of movies I will probably never see, unless one of you readers steers me in a different direction. Actually this first title from 1955 I wouldn't mind seeing, but the title was just so tasty, I had to include it. "Teaserama" is a bunch of short films of vintage strippers like Tempest Storm doing their thing, with Betty Page as the Hostess with The Mostess!
From 1938, I think I'll gladly skip the Throbbing Drama Of Shackled Youth, known as "Child Bride."

"Escort Girl" from 1941 was a flick about high dollar call girls.

Like "Escort Girl," "Teen Age" was a film by Continental Pictures, the great recycler. "Teen Age" was made in 1943 and used a lot of footage from two earlier 1930's films!

Strippers and comedians in 1954.

The 1956 title "Cannibal Island" sounds promising but is just actually a bunch of footage from a 1931 documentary.

The 1956 film "The Flaming Teen-Age" might be worth giving a look. A small town kid goes to the big city and learns about hard liquor, fast women, and drugs. It was originally a 1946 film called "Twice Convicted," and they added some footage before changing the name to the stupid title "The Flaming Teen-Age.

The only reference I can find to a film called "Hoodlum Girls" was a film from 1944 that had an original title of "Youth Aflame." Lots of kids on fire in the 40's and 50's, but I don't think this is the same film, because the title card clearly says 1955.

"Scum Of The Earth" is a dirty little Herschell Gordon Lewis film from 1963.

"Mondo Bizarro" from 1966 was one of many 'Mondo' movies made in the 60's like "Mondo Freudo," "Mondo Hollywood," or "Mondo Cane." Lots and lots of sex and weirdness!!

"Blast-Off Girls" from 1967 is another Herschell Gordon Lewis film. This one's about a sleazy record promoter that might be worth watching.

Out of all these films, this one from 1967 titled "Mondo Mod" might be the best of the bunch and worth seeking out, if nothing else than just to hear how really good the band called Sam the Soul and the Inspirations, and another band called simply The Group really were.

If I ever finish watching the other 137 Gaillo films I have, I might watch "La Novia Ensangrentada," aka "The Blood Spattered Bride" from 1972, but then again, maybe not. Now if it was Splattered instead of Spattered, I might consider it.

Why they changed the name of this 1974 film from "Fugitive Killer" to "Fugitive Women" is anybody's guess, especially since there are no fugitive women in it. What do I care, I'll never watch it anyway!

"Ruby" was a Curtis Harrington directed thing from 1977 that I seriously doubt I'll ever see.

Maybe if I run out of Christmas movies, I'll watch "The Dorm That Dripped Blood" from 1982, because it looks so cheery!

These last two films I know for a fact I'll never watch, because as far as I can tell, they don't even exist, at least not under anything close to these titles!

It's okay, from the title, this film looks like it's probably a bummer anyway!

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Hi, you can find Teaserama on Youtube in it's entirety. The quality of the upload is as good as can be and Teaserama is a great film! Thank you for your blog!

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