Friday, August 26, 2022

MERRIE MELODIES / "Hollywood Canine Canteen" - 1946

Here's a Merrie Melodies cartoon that came out a year after WWII and it's all about the many doggie war veterans needing some well earned Hollywood entertainment.

Here are all the head doggies brain storming how to pay their veteran canines back for their service in winning the war. Edward G. Robinson is the president and comes up with the idea of a canine canteen located where else, in Hollywood!

And now it's open! Notice the full moon, just made for howling poochies.

Carmen Miranda does her thing to everyone's delight, and gets some of those howls from the over stimulated audience.

Hey, hey, hey, Abbott and Costello do their routine for some laughs..

Blondie and Dagwood are running the snack bar where they're selling Dogwood sandwiches, simply bones layered between 10 slices of bread!

Laurel and Hardy are on kitchen duty where Ollie washes and Stan dries. Problem is, Stan lays the dried plate on the ramp and Ollie just keeps rewashing the same plate.

Leopold Stokowski leads the band with some classical music and at a certain moment, the tuba blurts out a big sour note!

Joe Besser is responsible, he points to his music to signify, 'that's what it says.'

Joe brings the music down, shows it to Leopold, a fly buzzes off the paper, and Joe gets a slap on his head.

Then we gots Kay Kyser who cracks the crowd up with his crazy antics.

This lady wants to know why the poor doggie is crying... Bad news from home? He responds.. No. She asks a few more questions with the same response.

It was simple, she was just standing on his foot!!

Harry James and other big band leaders entertain the troops...

There's trombone licks from Tommy Dorsey.

Lionel Hampton plays his bones on his Bonophone.

And last but not least, we have that wild dog, Jimmy Durante! I'm sure most people have no idea who any of these celebrities are anymore.

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