Saturday, May 7, 2022


"It's Another Saturday Night And I Ain't Got Nobody" except Edgar Wallace, and I'm good with that! 
This week's Saturday Night Special is episode five of "The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre" from 1967 titled "The Malpas Mystery."

The show opens with a woman being released from prison. The women is named Audrey Bedford and was played by Maureen (The Deadly Game) Swanson.

Maureen retired from acting when she married into royalty in 1969.

At least she's not alone, because she has a not so loving stepsister named Dora, as played by Sandra (Devil Doll) Dorne. Dora's housekeeper was played by Catherine (Curse Of The Werewolf) Feller.

At first Audrey is rebuked by her stepsister, but is then welcomed when said sister gets a call.

So the two sisters go to a party where there are stupid rich people that need to be taken advantage of!

Mr. Malpas is a creepy dude who lives in a run down flat!
This guy has some pertinent information for him that's for sale!

Yeah, well, it doesn't exactly work that way, and the informant disappears never to be seen again until they fish his body out of the river.

This is the scary looking entrance to Malpas' place.

Up the stairs and into a weird room where Mr. Malpas shines a bright light in your face so you can't see him!

Anthony (Captain Midnight) Bate is the constable who put Audrey away, but he's also falling for her in a big way now that she's out.

Allan (The Trygon Factor) Cuthbertson is Lacey Marshalt, the neighbor of the mysterious Mr. Malpas. He's also a scoundrel and Dora's boyfriend. He's always complaining that Malpas is strange, and there's always weird noises coming from his flat.

Not very many people in this story, or actually almost any Edgar Wallace tale, are who they pretend to be.

A seemingly dead Lacey is found in the room of Malpas, but he's not really dead!

Dora pretends to be Audrey in an effort to chisel some money out of Audrey's Dad who hasn't seen her in 20 years.

Lots of drinking, lots of smoking, and lots of mystery, and the guy you can thank for it all is my good friend Lord Litter in Berlin, just because he knows how much I dig Edgar Wallace.
I'm telling you, if you like good music, he provides more of it today than anybody I know on his radio shows!

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