Wednesday, May 18, 2022

TOM AND JERRY - "Dr Jekyll and Mr. Mouse" (1947)

Tom and Jerry cartoons have covered every possible genre imaginable at one time or another from The Invisible Man to The Abominable Snowman.

So it's no wonder they did their version of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," and it's also no wonder that somehow I missed this little jewel in my list of Jekyll and Hyde variations of the last 100 years!

This story starts off with Tom snatching a quart of milk when it gets delivered to the house.

Tom's just getting ready to really enjoy himself when he has an unwanted breakfast guest named Jerry.

After numerous attempts at thwarting his unwanted guest, Tom decides to poison the little mouse.

He throws everything and anything he can find into the mix!

The combination of ingredients causes all kinds of strange reactions!

Now the question is whether he can control it or not!

Tom gets ready to serve it up to Jerry!

After Jerry drinks his fill, he doesn't die as Tom had hoped for, but instead, he turns into Mr. Muscle Mouse Hyde.

Tom tries everything within his means to stop Mr. Mouse from kicking his ass, but it's all to no avail.

It looks like it's curtains for Tom when Mr. Mouse finally gets his grubby little mitts on him!

Then the potion that Tom created starts wearing off..................

......................And the tables are turned back into Tom's favor again!

Jerry escapes and makes his own version of the potion and gives it to Tom!

That didn't work out for Jerry at all when Tom turns into a gigantic monster cat!

The final straw is when the potion has a decreasing effect, and Tom is just a pipsqueak that Jerry can easily pummel.

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