Monday, May 23, 2022

THE PORTRAIT / Silent Horror Short - 1915

Today we're going to travel back 107 years for a little creepy horror fun from Russia, it's all about a young man that gets more than he bargained for! Original title is PORTRET.

A young man, an artist, is at an antique store looking for some artwork to spice up his room. After looking things over, the owner suggests that he buy a painting to hang on his wall.

And the young man walks out of the shop with a painting of an older gentleman.

He walks back to his place with the painting in hand, love this winter shot.

After hanging the painting on his wall, the man is having trouble going to sleep, something about the painting is bothering him.

He gets up and washes the canvas clean...

But now, what he's seeing is worse than before!

He's so disturbed that he hangs a blanket over the painting.

And finally, he falls asleep...

He wakes up in a panic and notices the blanket has fallen off the painting, and the dude in the painting is staring right at him!

He goes up to the painting, and...

He gets a spook house thrill! This gag was used numerous times in the silent era and was also used in later pictures. Some don't work this well if you know what I mean.

Then he wakes up with a start, it was only a nightmare, holy cow!

So, he goes back to sleep.

He wakes up again with a feeling of dread, and the blanket is off the painting again.

Oh ..My.. God!! The freaking guy is climbing out of the picture!

The old man sits down and starts counting his stacks of money in a bag he has. But, he drops some on the floor.

The young man grabs a wad of the bills and hold them close, hoping that he can get away with the pilfer.

The old man counts his money and he's missing some of his dough, and there's only one place he will find it!

The young man wakes up again and realizes that he was having another nightmare!! This short is pretty cool, creepy and fun to watch. Have a goot one!

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