Friday, May 20, 2022


 Eegah and I grew up where we had two television stations that we watched, KJEO Channel 47 out of Fresno and KERO Channel 23 out of Bakersfield, and we switched back and forth for our favorite shows. Both stations were founded in 1953, the year we got our first TV set, I was 5, sweet! Like at the movies, they played horror and sci-fi stuff mostly on Friday and Saturday, but sometimes they were sprinkled throughout the week. There were some movies played more often than others, these are some of the ones I remember seeing the most...

This Thing was my favorite broken rollercoaster haunted house thrill ride, ever! Scenes like the Thing staring through the ice, the crying plants, and the dread of it lurking around outside. Back then it was number 1 in scares, just a fact.

This movie really disturbed me and there were parts I didn't want to watch. Even now when I see dad smack his kid, it shocks me, those cavern making heat rays were fun, but, another real rollercoaster horror ride.

I liked this one but it had too much drama for a kid, bring on the monsters, man!!

This movie always intrigued me and I liked to watch it. Their drilling machine was a large modified tank model (used from THINGS TO COME) was too cool, and, there were some creepy moments, the ending was extra strange.

I always liked to see GOG, the action never ends, with the alien presence killing people and causing the two robots to go on a rampage, I was disturbed a bit.

This one creeped me out pretty good, wow, the stuff that can happen in one short hour. The underground complex was awesome, but that magnetized lawn mower in the hardware store really bugged me for some reason.

Here's another one I really liked, it was bonkers in spots, but as always, that disastrous meteor capture scene was the cherry on top.

Here's another movie I watched a lot, it had some sci-fi elements that intrigued me, and it had enough action to keep me interested. 

I liked this one I think mainly because of the dinosaurs in it, a little hard to watch nowadays, but MST makes it fun again.

This one I really liked, the Martian landscape looked great and the building and art piece looked alien. What disturbed me was the makeup and eyes of the mutants.

I couldn't help liking this crazy little movie, space aliens with bug eyes, giant insects, and Peter Graves as the hero, perfect for a monster kid.

Wow, the first Godzilla movie was terrifying, especially as the monster made its way through the cities. The scientist with his oxygen destroyer saves the day but he sacrifices himself which ends up being a very sad ending.

This one played quite a bit, its alternative title is GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN. A lot of time is spent with the observation airplane flying over icebergs, where Godzilla is hiding out on one. Also, it introduces Angurus to the list of other giant monsters Godzilla has to battle over the coming years. My little trip through memory lane, hope you enjoyed...

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Randall Landers said...

I remember watching on Atlanta's DIALING FOR DOLLARS movies like:

with John Agar, Wendell Corey and Robert Ito

with David Hedison, Fernando Lamas, Michael Rennie, Claude Rains

with Beverly Garland and Lon Chaney Jr.

with Grant Williams

with Zsa Zsa, Eric Fleming and Paul Birch

plus Godzilla/Gamera Monster Week once a month

Good movies, good times, good memories...

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Monster Music
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