Friday, May 6, 2022

THE THREE STOOGES In "Cactus Makes Perfect" - 1942

It's time for another Stooges adventure here at The Dungeon and get a few laffs on a Friday.

Monte Collins plays the Stooges mom, who loves them but wants to pummel them most of the time. She even does Curly's woob, woob and face wipes, fun to watch her.

The boys try and show mom how Curly's new invention, a 'gold finding' contraption, works. Well, it doesn't go well.

She tells them to go find some gold, and gives them all a swift boot to the rear to send them on their merry way!

Curly's talking about his gold finding machine and is overheard by a 'gold mine salesman' who cons them out of fifty bucks for the rights to a mine. Curly then has to pay another fifty bucks for the map!

Out in the woods, Curly fires up his machine and lets one of the gold searching arrows fly!

And, it lands square in prospector Vernon Dent's behind! Vernon is always a delight to watch in the many Stooge shorts he appeared in. Did you know he had 449 acting credits?!

The boys go searching for their arrow and see Vernon holding it. Curly says, hey, that's mine, Vernon draws his gun and starts shooting!

The boys hightail it out of there while being fired at, Curly backs into a cactus and the needles have to be pulled out one by one, and, there are lots of them!

With his last arrow, Curly ties it to his wrist so that he won't lose it, and he flies away with it, until...

He lands head first in the boarded up entrance to an old abandoned gold mine!

Moe and Larry do everything they can to get Curly extracted, but, it don't work.

So, Larry and Moe push him and he breaks through the boards and crashes to the bottom of a deep pit. Then they drop the tools down on top of him! Just what you'd expect.

After a few close quarters antics, and Moe getting conked in the head with a pick, Curly keeps getting tapped on the noggin by a wooden lever!

Curly pulls the lever down and, Jackpot!!

The boys exit the mine with their bag of gold in tow, but the two prospectors have been waiting for them. Vernon  creeps up behind Curly and is ready to snatch the gold, when, Curly swings the bag over his shoulder and bonks him on the head but good!

It gives the boys time to find a building to hide in. But the angry prospectors have followed them there and are lurking around outside.

The boys hide in a big safe and lock themselves inside, so, the prospectors drill a hole in the door and slide a lit stick of dynamite through.

The boys slide it back through the hole a few time before it finally ends up in Curly's hand, ready to explode! It fizzles out and they give a big sigh of relief...

Then, it goes off after tosses it on the floor, blowing them through the steel walls. It ends here with no resolution. Okay, class is over, go outside and play or something.

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kd said...

The Stooges (all 6 or 7 of 'em) are always a treat.

I'm taking a break until the fall, when my film should be completed.

Cheers, Dungeon Gang!

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