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 I thought It'd be fun to talk about the movies I saw at the show way back in 1957. a great year for horror and scj-fi, and kids like me. I've put them in alphabetical order and show the one sheet posters that were displayed at the theater. These are my memories from the time I saw them, I was a whopping 9 years old. My next door neighbors (my age) Don and Charles and I would usually hoof it to the theater a few miles away to go see a monster movie double feature on a Saturday...

I really liked this one, Ray Harryhausen's animation was amazing, the best in the business. Favorite parts were, the rocket crash, the baby Ymir coming out of its gel, and how it grew so rapidly, making for increased anxiety as the movie progressed.

This was a fun flick from Mr. Big, I still remember waiting for the bomb to go off, pretty tense. The special effects were a little hokey, like Glenn (great acting on his part) being semi-transparent a lot of the time. The giant needle scene was really awkward.

I enjoyed this Roger Corman film when I saw it, it had a lot of creepy moments with some cave claustrophobia thrown in. The giant crabs looked okay but the leg action left a lot to be desired. The decapitation scene was shocking. I still like to watch Crab Monsters.

I saw this Bert I. Gordon film, great poster, and liked it because there were atomic grasshoppers in it, but I remember that the effects were really, bad, things didn't match up very good, more transparent monsters to boot. I always liked Peter Graves, I watched FURY on TV every Saturday morning for years.

The thing I remember most about this freaky film is that Don, Charles and I sat in the middle of the first row, we were being silly of course, we loved being turned loose in the theater. When the first close up of the monster was shown, it creeped us out, and on top of that, they turned up the sound volume of the thing growling, a lot, seriously, same as on the DVDs today, and the ground was shaking! We moved back a ways after that, shocked, it was as intense as a Hammer Head carnival ride! Great movie though!

I really loved this one, it pushed all the right buttons for me, it had a floating brain from space, you have my attention! I mainly remember the fight scene at the end between John and the brain, I thought the brain looked like a balloon. Still, like to put this one on.

Oh man, what can I say about this movie except, it scared the crap out of me! Even though the Demon was a terrifying sight to behold when it appeared, the scene that really scared me was when Dana is leaving the home of the conjuror and is followed by that ball of light, and coupled with the creepy sound effects, well, it really got me!!

This one kept my attention, and I really loved the monster make up, it's pretty freaky and was my favorite part. But, Mr. Big manages to give us more weird transparent composite shots to feast our eyes on, it was okay.

To me, Universal gave us top notch horror films in the fifties, they started going downhill in 1959 with cheaper productions. Deadly Mantis delivers all the goods, an action packed film with a beautiful mantis model. I remember the many scenes in the snow and sleet, picking up the bus full of passengers, crashing into the tunnel, but mostly I remember the thing flying and buzzing the natives, and the awesome drone it made, loved the movie.

I.. Loved.. This.. Movie!!! It had everything I could ever want in a sci-fi flick. The mysterious vessels from space filled with tar-like invaders, Brian Donlevy, the Moon domes producing alien food, and my favorite, the BLOBS!! This movie is just plain great and still a fave.

I don't remember much about this one because there were already two other Hunchback movies and I was fond of science fiction. What I remember was the beautiful color, and Anthony made a decent looking Quasimodo.

Holy cow, this Universal movie was intense, especially after he was stuck in the basement pursued by the spider, The thing that stuck with me is the radio active mist that Grant encounters in his boat at the beginning. I felt depressed by this one, for real.

I had already seen FORBIDDEN PLANET a year earlier and Robby was my hero, so I was happy to see him again. I was a little bored with the story, what I remember most was the boy flying around on the kite Robby built for him, I have acrophobia and don't enjoy stuff like that. I remember the computer brain, it was pretty cool.

Oh, WOW!! Now here's one that left a lasting impression on me, I remembered a lot about this movie, stuff like the little ball of light released by the saucer that lands in the desert, when they land the helicopter on top of Kronos, when John Emery is electrocuted and that fluid drains out of the brain, and when the B-47  gets caught in the force of  Kronos and explodes an atomic bomb on it. There's so much, a real fifties classic.

Here's another great Universal movie I saw, loved the T-Rex, the composite shots with it are spectacular, the man eating plant was disturbing. I thought the scenes with the lake monster just looked like they were shot on a set. All in all, I was very satisfied after seeing it.

This one doesn't really qualify as a horror movie, but it's about Lon Chaney, so it counts. The only things I remembered about it was, it was in black and white, and, some of the scenes where James was in his monster make up.

My dad took me to this Universal flick, and it was pretty damn creepy with kids and other people turning to stone, but, when the crystals started growing during the rain, it was special effects at their finest, WOW. A great little movie for sure.

Here's another movie my dad took me to see, I swear, I didn't remember much about it at all, which could only mean one thing, the movie bored me. Nice poster.

Holy Cow! This is one of Corman's best fifties horror flicks. The vampire's eyes were totally creepy, and what I remembered most was Paul Blaisdell's floating umbrella monster, and when it got on the doctor's head!! It's still a great watch.

Another Corman flick, what I remembered most was when the sea serpent attack the women in their boat, the special effects were very well done, the serpent looks good and is the best part of the movie, didn't remember much other than that.

This one creeped me out, the weird plants were freaky, and I almost lost it when the little girl gets trapped inside one of the man-eating plants, and that's the scene where Murvyn Vye goes insane. I liked this flick, and it's still fun the watch. Well, hope you enjoyed this look back to when it was a kick for a monster kid to enjoy a double monster bill... 20 cents admission, a dime for a coke or bag of popcorn and 5 cents for a candy bar!


kd said...

LOVE IT! Most of the movies here are ones I've seen numerous times and love big-time! And 1957, of all the years! I was only three that year, so it was a number of years after 1957 that became my "Cosmic Kid" awakening...

My dad was working in another city, my older sister was in her teens so she was busy with high school activities, so mom and I were witness one evening in late 1962 to the network television premiere of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. It is the one movie that most changed my life. A couple years later, I saw a lot of movies in theaters, but the ones I saw in 1964/1965ish were ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS, THE TIME TRAVELERS, and PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES, all written by a man named Ib Melchior, who became an acquaintance in 1980ish.

Anyway, of the movies in the 1957 list above, I saw most of them later on tv, and the rest on VHS or DVD, and among those my favorite was and is KRONOS! I also have to genuflect in the direction of Universal for THE MONOLITH MONSTERS and THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, great favorites of my beloved late wife. I was honored to share those on DVD with her a few years ago on a "movie night" in our household. I made a favorite dinner for her, to add to the occasion.

Later on, I tried to interest her in watching NOT OF THIS EARTH and BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, but those weren't exactly her cup of hot chocolate. Still, she watched them with me because she knew how much I loved those two "b-movies"...I bribed her with another special favorite dinner, so she humored me, lol. :)

Realm Of Retro said...

The visuals in Black Scorpion are utterly horrifying
even to this day...heavy nightmare fuel.

I suspect this movie was blacklisted from a lot of TV
broadcasts because of the shockingly violent scenes
involving the scorpions.

I saw it once on TV in the 1960s in Boston as a kid and never saw it
broadcast at all in that market during the 70s,
although all other Warner Bros. sci-fi of the era was
broadcast and on a regular basis.

AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN...another one that needs a blu-ray bad.
Don't miss shocking color footage at the end.
The sequel "War Of The Colossal Beast" DID get blurayed and it's great.

Won't watch it again until it gets blu-rayed.
Digital Gods please release me from my low-res hell.

BEGINNING OF THE blu-ray yet.
FX for grasshoppers looks like good projection work
without the bleed-through Bert I. Gordon was trying to avoid.
Like Red Planet Mars
it's an "I-didn't-know-Peter-Graves-was-in-this-movie" movie.
Heard that more than once.

John Agar at his most sinister & it works too.
"Balloon Scene" was hilarious!

THE CYCLOPS...great blu-ray is out for this (got it).
Another B.I.G. monster that looks like it's face was run
over by a mack truck yesterday.
Also: 1940s relic Lon Chaney Jr. is in this.

THE DEADLY MANTIS....a great blu-ray is now available for this.

KRONOS....needs a blu-ray.
Very fun movie to watch...funny animation FX.
Physics of KRONOS's
"mechanical walking" should bury him into the ground but doesn't.

1957 was a great year for sci-fi,
here's a few more that come to mind:

The 27th Day
The Abominable Snowman
From Hell It Came
Invasion Of The Saucermen
I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
The Monster That Challenged The World
The Mysterians
Quatermass 2

kd said...

Hey there, Retro Dude!

Good news for us all: THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS hits Blu-Ray on June 21!


kd said...

Here's a trailer for the Blu-Ray/DVD:

Realm Of Retro said...

I watched that trailer & the picture quality is fantastic.
Somebody did a heck of a good job on that trailer too.
You can tell they watched the movie carefully but I would have thrown in a few scenes with John Agar hitting the brain with the axe because it looks funny.

Some rock group used that scene for a video years ago too.
I'll get that blu-ray when it comes out.

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