Friday, March 18, 2022

COMICOLOR / "Jack And The Beanstalk" - 1933

Here's an oldie from the Ub Iwerks studios, and it's a little different from the original story. Also, it's kind of an opera with everyone singing and rhyming their lines.

So, Jack's mother is distraught, they have no money for food...

Even the pet goldfish is in need of some nourishment!

Jack takes their cow to the butcher shop, and the butcher offers him some gold coins for her.

But this strange character appears and offers Jack three 'magic' beans for the cow.

The deal is made, Jack decides to trade the cow for the beans!

Needless to say, mom is NOT HAPPY about the trade, and throws the beans out the window into the yard.

After it rains that night, Jack wakes up to a giant bean stalk that has grown outside his bedroom window!

He climbs the beanstalk and finds a big castle in the clouds...

Jack rings the doorbell and a giant woman comes to the door, she sees him and is surprised to say the least! The little guy runs through her legs and goes inside.

She grabs him, dips him in mustard, puts him in a bun and starts to gobble him down.

But she gets interrupted when the boss man comes home.

The giant pulls out his magical harp and orders the little nymph to play for him. Well, at least he's a music lover!

Then he has his hen lay some golden eggs. He cracks them open and gold coins fall out into his money pouch!

The harp grabs Jack, Jack grabs the pouch, and they make their escape.

Back at home, Jack grabs an ax and starts chopping away on the stalk.

This shot of the giant coming down the vine upside down is just plain crazy!

The giant ends up falling to the ground and basically buries himself!

All is good in the end, Jack and his mom are now wealthy and have everything they could ever want, bringing our tale to a happy ending...


kd said...

That pet goldfish must have terrified little kids, back in the day!

Grant said...

It practically terrified me just now.

kd said...

lol me too, Grant.

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