Friday, March 11, 2022

A GUMBY ADVENTURE / "Toy Crazy" - 1956

Here's a story from the first season, my cousins and I watched the crap out of Gumby for years. It was kinda crazy-cool, you know, like, different...

This display is up in Gumba's kitchen, GUMBASIA is a 3 minute short from a year earlier that shows off Clokey's clay animation chops, done over some jazzy music, it's available online for viewing.

It's Gumby's birthday, he's stuck in a dream mode where he changes into whatever he's dreaming about. Gumbo decides to bring him out of his sleep by playing loud music. Man, they got a pretty sweet layout at their place.

Our little guy finally gets up and is reminded that it's his birthday today! And, he gets to go to the toy store and pick out something he wants...

Let's see, hmm, do I want a doll?..

Gumby does his gliding around mode to save time. He messes around with a few instruments but they're too damn big!

Pokey is late to the show, he wants to help Gumby figure out what to get for his birthday.

In the meantime, Gumby decides he want to look at a robot, way up high.

He shimmies up a pole and is ready to check out the robot when Pokey finally shows up... Wow, check out the contortion Gumby's making here! It looks like they put his face on his backside?!

I think what's cool sometimes is they show toys from that era. Like that Custer's Last Stand item there, you'd get like 80 small plastic figures for 99 cents, I had two sets of the army guys and would play a marble game with them.

Pokey wants Gumby to try out a rocking horse! Now, how in the Hell could they ever get that thing back to the house?!

Gumby and Pokey go for a ride in a Jaguar roadster.

They have to stop for a toy train that's coming by. I'm pretty sure they used this train in another adventure, called a trick-track-train I believe. where the train only has a certain amount of track that adds and subtracts as the train moves along.

Gumby tricks the train into going in the back of a Rescue Squad van, he slams the doors and tells Pokey to follow him home...

But Pokey drives under a loader and gets buried in sand. Gumby helps dig him out. In the meantime though...

The trick-track-train escapes from the back of the van.

They go back to Gumby's place only to discover that the train has escaped!

Gumby's upset, but dad tells him that he'll pick him up another train the next day. Gumby and Pokey then chow down on some good old clay birthday cake!!


kd said...

I grew up with Gumby...loved the short films! I still have a Gumby somewhere around the house, but he's hiding amongst the clutter!

Anonymous said...

Happy little Gumby.

Anonymous said...

I watched all the classic episodes of Gumby as seen in the Philippines on RBS/GMA Channel 7 that's my favorite together with Popeye Beany & Cecil Harveytoons Show/Casper cartoons & more.

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