Friday, March 4, 2022

WILLIE WHOPPER In "The Air Race" - 1933

Well, do I have a one wild and weird cartoon for you, and something that will blow your mind, like it did mine!

The kids notice a poster of the Big Air Meet! happening today.. So, Willie starts telling his tall tale of when he won an air race!

Even here it's a little weird, one of the racer's name is Dirty Dick! flying in his plane, the 'Buzzard.' It's fun to read those old signs.

Here are the pilots getting their DIY planes ready for the race.

Dirty Dick has a very cool plane you gotta admit. In almost every 'race' cartoon the bad guy is a big bully with an awesome black car, train or plane.

Dick fine tunes his gigantic engine with a tuning fork. Great artwork!

He messes with Willie, laughing his ass off about what a sorry excuse he has for a plane!

Another weird part is when Dirty Dick gives Willie the raspberries and Willie looks back at his plane's rear end. What else could it mean except that he thought the plane let one?

And, the race is on!

Okay, get ready for the big one, Elizabeth! This angel was thumbing for a ride when the planes come whizzing by, AND, he flips them off when none of them stop for him!!! Seriously, what the Hell, man!! Can you believe this?!! Wow!

I just like this shot for no reason.

Willie's catching up with Dirty Dick, so, Dick tosses a blanket at him. Willie is blinded when it wraps around his head.

They animated Willie flying into a giant smoke stack, causing it to fall after he crashes through it. The scene was of the actual demolition of the stack, shown falling in a news clip that makes it look like Willie knocked it over as it crashes to the ground! Pretty cool.

Along the way, Willie runs into a fireworks shack and uses some of them to make his plane jet powered.

Dirty Dick sees Willie coming and whips his plane like a horsey to go faster. The top pic is fairly psychedelic for me.

Willie ends up plowing through Dirty Dick's plane and he wins the race.

And of all things, Amelia Earhart praises Willie and gives him a big kiss on his cheek for winning the race!

Back to reality, as Willie is finishing up his story, the big horseshoe hanging there comes loose and conks him on the head, becoming his flower wreath like in the pic above! And the cow is the one that really kissed him. So, leave some comments for this crazy cartoon from Ub Iwerks Studio...

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kd said...

Oh, man! The artistic creativity supreme in those early animated cartoons!!!

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