Friday, October 8, 2021


So, we're checking in on the action after 8 days of celebration, fights and accidents, here at The Dungeon!.. And contrary to popular belief, yes, The Dungeon is a real place!!

We start off our check-in with these five precision costumed daredevils taking a dive off a tall building, look at that beautiful form!!

Just amazing what talent these guys have! Unfortunately, perfect form didn't help them much when they hit the ground!!

Some of our participants are just nuts. Here are a few guys flying around, doing flips and twists, using their hi-tek trampolines to get super bounces. It was a crack up though when they would miscalculate and crash into one another! I mean.. Hilarious hilarious!!

Here are two more dramatic jumps from crazy people, but at least these guys landed on the people below to soften the falls. One of the jumpers broke his nose and the other one lost a few fingers. Other than that they were fine, but thirteen observers on the ground got hurt pretty bad.

Oh yeah, we got our virtual giant robot battle game working after a few bugs had to be exterminated and the kids lined up in droves to command the battle of the giants.

The kids can have the giants punch it out or even stomp on houses! The game will do anything their little untethered brains can conceive! Oh, to be a kid again!

They can have all kinds of fun with their minds, and destroy lots of buildings to boot.

It really is a a kick to watch some of the battles these little brainiacs come up with, we could all learn something from them... ?

Also for the kids was this super ninja dance move demonstration by two professional costumed dancers here for the celebration.

Oh, there were a few problems too. These two participants are looking for someone who made fun of them, to exact their revenge on. All they know is, his name is... Allen!

Here's Allen on his cycle, that uses jet fuel, making a run for it. Besides the two others looking for him, Allen's being followed by a guy who's bike he kicked over, and is now chasing with a bazooka. Allen hasn't been seen for two days.

Ouch! There was another incident where a giant monster stepped on a cameraman. The poor guy is pretty flat but remember, we have a whole staff of mad scientists here to assist in situations like this (and other situations just as bad).

And, Sooper-Rooter is available for unclogging your drains, just give him a ring and he'll come a runnin'... Call 313-1313 NOW!!

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