Saturday, October 2, 2021


Welcome to The Saturday Night Special version of The Countdown To Halloween in The Dungeon!

On Halloween night in 1983, Peewee Herman appeared on The David Letterman Show for a glorious nine minutes and twenty-two seconds!

It's pure Peewee all the way, and if you're a fan of the man, you're gonna wanna see it!
Love it or hate it, Candy Corn was invented in 1888, and was originally called Chicken Feed. The ingredients are basically just sugar!

Peewee is dressed up as a pirate for Halloween.

Right down to a wooden hook for a hand!

Peewee brought along this finger vampire, and has David stick his finger in it's mouth!!

Dave gets two little red spots on his finger out of the deal, and Peewee gets a big laugh out of it!

This show was on 24 years before they released the first iPhone.

David and Peewee have a lot of fun mixing up their faces!

It wasn't until 32 years later in 2015 that Apple introduced their face swap app.

The next segment on the show was a mad lab using green screen technology!

The good news is that this short video piece is on YouTube, and you can watch it yourself, and for the love of Peewee, I highly recommend that you do!

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