Wednesday, October 6, 2021

RAGE - FURIA PRIMITIVA - "Primal Rage" (1988)

This Wednesday's Countdown To Halloween feature is a 1988 wackjob courtesy of goremeister Umberto (Kriminal) Lenzi.

You gotta admit this title card looks pretty primal raging!

Actor/stuntman Doug Sloan is one of the characters in this film, a creepy dude with anger issues named Lovejoy!

Doug actually has a credit as the 'head animal wrangler' in a 2004 flick called "Dead Birds."

Lovejoy and his buddies are jerks of the highest order!

These guys are so disgusting, they decide to molest a sick girl they find wandering down the avenue.

As rapists, these idiots are going to deserve anything and everything that happens to them, and more!

Their victim doesn't turn out to be that defenseless after all.

In fact, these boy's lives have just gone down the toilet, and now's the time to flush their sorry asses!

The sick girl bites!

"Primal Rage" is a popular pairing of two words, and in 1994, there was a video game released with the same title where you choose one of seven dinosaurs, and then beat the Hell out of your opponents while you battle for domination of Urth.
The same terminology was used in 2018 for the movie "Primal Rage: The Legend Of Konga." It didn't work for them either.

There's a lot of crazy Halloween party goers. The guy with the saw in his head is special indeed!

The list of the bands who made the music for this film is a who's who of who the Hell are you talking about! A few of the more well known groups are Mondo Boffo with Scorpio, The Fast Food Girls, and Steel Grave.

My focus here has only been on one small segment of the film, the rest is equally preposterous!

I'm not a big fan of this genre of film making, but this is not about this movie, it's about Halloween, and the fact that I'm running out of material after thirteen years of doing this Countdown!

Aw Jeez, Lovejoy's condition is getting worse by the minute. He just wasn't doing a good job of staying ahead of the curve!

This is what happens when you lose your mind and your head goes with it!
Have a nice day in Hell!!

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Sounds like an intensely weird wack-a-do of a movie!

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