Monday, October 25, 2021


 Well, with a week to go in our celebration, things have been getting tense among the participants, and  it has to do with the wins or losses they get by the end of the event, the more wins they get the more candy they get on Halloween! Yeah, it's mostly about the freaking candy!!

But let's start with these cool costumes by some of the attendees. See, kids have a lot of creativity when it comes to those crazy looking monsters!

Like I said, it's getting tense among the participants. This tribal gang confront Fly Guy for littering at their campground!

The candy bullies are out in force, here, Mega Man tells Frogman that he'd better lose the battle in their next match, or else! He wants that candy!

The guys on the left were making fun of Music Monster, saying that, how's he going to hurt them with stupid old music anyway?.. They found out!

Did you know that we have our own Robot Copper to make sure no shenanigans by participants or attendees are allowed. I mean, we gotta have one of those, it looks cool, right?!

Robot Copper usually takes care of business without incident but this time his software recognized the wrong robot dude (damn, they all look alike!). We had to pay for his repairs.

This cute witch chick retaliates against her losses!..

She lost twice to these guys and she's pissed because they get her share of the candy!!

There was some fun/funny stuff going on too, like this foot race. The guy wearing the dragon head bet the other runners that he could beat them in a race wearing the costume! And he won!!

These guys are demonstrating the advantages of using a Magno-Fist against your opponent! It was pretty funny when the battery died.

After these three jerks trapped an attendee under their huge spider web net, they weren't sure what to do next.

Allen and his biker buddies decided to jump their bikes into a big puddle of water...

And then spin doughnuts in the water until they all fall down from dizziness!

By the way, The Dungeon has a washing station for just such an occasion. 

And it works great for getting a quick wash for the discriminate participant.

These Electric Mimes were trying to tell us something, but who in the Hell knows what they were trying to get across, jeez!

And there was a huge scare! Those same idiots that blew up the candy/explosives shed at the beginning of the event, well, they almost blew it up again!! Missed hitting it by 7 feet, phew!!

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