Friday, October 22, 2021


Here's another DHC update for you to chew on on a Friday, here at The Dungeon. There's lots of craziness including explosives and our space opera show, so buckle up!

Many of the attendees are starting to show up wearing their Halloween costumes, the dude on the right is coming as some weird Manster monster, very cool!

Reverend Spike gives the morning event eulogy to start the day off right. And, may no one  performing in the celebration get hurt too bad...

In anticipation of our show at the Dungeon Theatre, these guys set off some fireworks and ran through them to get into the mood.

The show has started and everyone is seated, ready to partake in our Sci-Fi Extravaganza... "Where In The Hell Am I, Anyway?!" In the opening scene, our hero Comet Rider has been transported to an unknown planet, he peruses his surroundings.

Comet Rider meets Kabong, evil ruler of Kronk. A fight immediately ensues and they take the battle to the ring of the planet's moon.

But Kabong has a few tricks up his sleeve, the second Comet Rider gets the upper hand in the fight, Kabong disappears him to another part of the planet!

They even take the battle to some electrical currents, be careful Comet Rider!

This is a scary part, Comet Rider has to balance himself perfectly on that stream of matter being pulled off that miniature star by a black hole! Holy scheiss!!

The climax was amazing as Comet Rider finally jabs his sword straight into Kabong's heart, bringing the play to a finish, and Comet Rider is transported back to from where he came!

Then as a special treat at the end, Comet Rider shoots a beam that creates a Tron version of himself that shoots a deadly weapon! Unfortunately, it took out a few people in the audience...

Everyone was so stoked after the show that some of them decided to do some goofing!

So, they did high flying flips off of hills, carrying explosives.

And when they hit the ground the crowd would go wild with laughter!

This guy even goofed on his way down.

And boy, the explosion was a doozie!

Then there was a challenge by Brainiac 13, he dared anyone to punt this mini atomic bomb while he's holding it! There's only one person that accepted his insane challenge, Doctor Danger!!

The crowd went bananas, but not with laughter. Brainiac 13 had to get a new hand and Doctor Danger had to have his big toe replaced, other than that, it was one of the highlights of the past week!


ufo said...

Read you guys regular like for years. Quality.
Keep it up!

TABONGA! said...

Hey UFO, glad you enjoy these posts, I have just as much fun writing them, and sometimes they totally crack me the Hell up. Thanks for checking in, there will be more of them before Halloween Countdown is over...

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