Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Halloween night is drawing nearer and nearer, so here's a treat with no tricks attached. I've put together five Horrific Wallpapers for you, culled from years of images from this blog! I really hope you enjoy them more than I did making them! What a pain in the gazitza!

I take no responsibility if you use these images as desktop wallpaper, and they scare the rest of your icons away!

It's kind of funny, but Halloween wasn't really the subject of a movie until 1978, and even in that movie, there was very little trick or treating.

Early national attention to trick-or-treating were episodes of radio programs "The Baby Snooks Show" in 1946, and "The Jack Benny Show" and "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" in 1948.
By the 1960's, almost every television show had a Halloween episode of sorts, but it still wasn't happening in the movies.

I'm pretty sure the concept of giving away free candy to kids was developed by a group of dentists and psychiatrists in the 1940's. There was another group of do-gooders in the government who thought it was a good idea to hand out cigarettes and beer, but, well you know how that worked out! The war screwed up everything!


Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

This collections of wallpapers is awesome.
Nice share!

EEGAH!! said...

Cool, glad you enjoyed them!

Realm Of Retro said...

BEAUTIFUL display of retro sci-fi/horror.
Anyone who watched TV in the 70s saw this stuff all over.

It's the blu-ray transfers of these movies that really breath life onto them.

2001: A Space Odyssey is the best movie transfer I have ever seen with Lost In Space (1965) being the best blu-ray transfer. Tremendous improvement in visual detail. You need a flatscreen LCD of at least 19" to see the detail.

Wasp Woman, The Manster & Deadly Mantis are out on blu-ray too.

EEGAH!! said...

Cool! Thanks R O R!

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