Saturday, June 12, 2021

SETTE ORCHIDEE MACCHIATE DI ROSSO - "Seven Blood-Stained Orchids" (1972)

This Edgar Wallace Saturday Night Special is a little bit different than most, starting with it's Italian, and not German!

Everybody else gets their credits superimposed on them from one of their scenes, but not big shot Antonio, he gets a full shot of just his name!
Antonio (When Men Carried Clubs And Women Played Ding Dong" Sabato just passed away this last January at the age of 77.

Being German, gooshy Uschi Glas, billed here as Uschi Glass, was in quite a few other Edgar Wallace films like "The Gorilla Gang," and "The Sinister Monk." She also graced the screen in classics like "Suck Me Shakespeer," and "Schmucklos!"

I think this was the only Edgar Wallace film that Pier Paolo Capponi was in, but he was in Argento's "The Cat o' Nine Tails."

I don't think Marina Malfatti was in any other Edgar Wallace films either, but she was in another bloodstained feature in 1973, "The Bloodstained Lawn!"

As far as I can tell, Rosella (Black Belly Of The Tarantula) Falk was in no other Edgar Wallace films either.

I don't see any other Edgar Wallace films in his portfolio, but talk about versatile, Claudio was in everything from "Gidget Goes To Rome," to "The Death Ray Of Dr. Mabuse."

But not for long!!
Marisa Mell was also in EW's "Secret Of The Red Orchid," and along with Cladio Gora was also in "Danger: Diabolik!"

I think I could have passed for that guy holding the bottle in 1972!

"Seven Blood-Stained Orchids" is a movie about a serial killer in Italy!

Now this is a formidable looking police car if I ever saw one!

They call him The Half-Moon Killer for good reason! He leaves one of these at the scene of the murder!

Pretty cool record if you're into straight razors!
"Sette Orchidee Macchiate di Rosso" was directed by Umberto (Eaten Alive!) Lenzi, and the great soundtrack was composed by Riz Ortonlani.

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