Friday, June 25, 2021

FLASH GORDON / "The Lure Of Light" - 1955

Here's another wild adventure starring Steve Holland, Irene Chapman and Joseph Nash as Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov. Back in the day, this was my favorite show and I watched it every day after school, laying on the couch. Filmed in Berlin.

In this story, the Galactic Counsel has released Queen Tridentia from prison, she's the person that started the last galactic war. The president of the counsel believes that the Queen is no longer a threat, not realizing that she wants to steal the plans for a rocket ship that can travel faster than the speed of light, to go back in time and alter the course of the last war!

Here's the gang talking to a scientist that claims he has invented a device that will make a spaceship travel faster that the speed of light, enabling the pilots to go back in time!

He says that he wants Flash to be the one to test the theory in his ship, but Dr. Zarkov and the Commissioner are against the plan, it's just too crazy of an idea...

Then, just released from prison, Queen Tridentia comes into the room. It doesn't really look like she learned her lesson.

Before they test the theory though, Flash gets the job of returning the Queen back to her own planet, ready, set...GO! Love Flash's long sleeved shirt with that lightning bolt on it.

Back on her planet, the Queen makes plans to get her hands on the secret rocket plans!

Two hooded figures knock Flash out and kidnap Dale. Flash blames himself because he told Queen Tricentia about the plans when he took her back to her planet, and, Dale knows the details!

On the way back to their planet, the Queen's henchwomen interrogate Dale. And when Dale would not answer a question, she slaps her HARD, for REAL!

Then Dale's put in a chamber with hardly any oxygen in it, the Queen wants to get the plan by torturing Dale into submission.

Back at the ranch, the scientist programs Flash's ship to be capable of faster than light speed if activated, then Flash and Dr. Zarkov head out to the Queen's planet.

The Queen is now teasing Dale through a speaker, reminding her of how great oxygen is. And finally, Dale says that she'll tell them what they want to know...

But, Dale changes her mind, says she's rather die than give her the plans... OOPS!

Flash and the Doc show up, and...

They find Dale, DEAD!!.. There's only one thing to do.

Flash orders the scientist to activate the faster than light speed device!

After they reach 186,700 miles per second, the ship changes configuration and our heroes go back in time. Now, this is science FICTION after all.

They get back to the situation before the chamber incident. Dale is fine, the Queen and her henchwomen are going to prison. This was a fear-fraught episode!

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