Friday, June 18, 2021

BEANY AND CECIL / "There Goes A Good Squid" - 1963

Here's a little Beany and Cecil cartoon near the end of their run. In this one, DJ the Dirty Guy tries to spoil the guy's fun on their way to the Seattle World's Fair, err, I mean.. The Sea Atoll World's Square...

I was at Fort Lewis in 1968 and spent many hours in Seattle at the World's Fair, loved all the shops at the underground mall, they even had a Wild Mouse ride!

No, we're going here, to an island in the middle of the ocean.

Everything's cool, Beany plays a record on his cap and Cecil sings "Ragg Mopp" as they sail along in the Leakin' Lena.

The boys are being followed by Dishonest John in his mechanical squid, there's no way he's going to let them get away with having fun!

DJ fills Cecil full of cannon balls for an appetizer...

Then he brings out the big guns in the form of a killer submarine.

That sparks some good old American patriotism (which exists no more) and Crowy bonks himself on the noggin for the stars on the flag and signals all hands on deck!

Cecil impersonates Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to put some fear into DJ.

And sure enough, DJ turns into a yellow chicken, a double-doobie.

Cecil flings the big squid and it knocks around like a pinball.

Cecil takes a palm tree and beats the crap out of DJ with it.

Then he grabs the squid and bangs it against the ground a number of times.

He flings it around so fast that it stretches way out...

And becomes a space needle with a restaurant on top!

Everyone wants to eat in the restaurant and the line is long.

And DJ gets to wash all the dishes! Make sure and tune in tomorrow!

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