Wednesday, June 16, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES - "Three Little Pigskins" (1934)

Tonight's Wacky Wednesday feature is a short by The Three Stooges from 1934 called "Three Little Pigskins." If you want to have a wacky time, it's always easier when you have somebody like Lucille Ball around!
Lucille Ball was only twenty-three when "Three Little Pigskins" was made. I thought she was in more than one Stooges short, but I guess not.

Lucille Ball is gun moll Daisy Simms. Lucy was a natural brunette, but in these early days, she was a beautiful blonde, before becoming the krazy redhead that everybody knows and loves today. Lucille Ball is the most beloved TV actress of all time followed by Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett. and Oprah Winfrey, and for good reason.
The woman behind her is Phyllis Crane as Molly Gray! Phyllis was in many film comedic shorts in the 1930's, and many of them were Three Stooges episodes. Walter Long is the mobster Boss who is worried his football team is going to lose. Walter has 207 credits, many in roles as a Henchman, a Bandit, a Gang Leader, a Convict, or a Chain Gang Member. He played a guy called The Tiger in three or four Laurel and Hardy shorts!

The boys are obnoxious street hustlers doing anything they can to make a dime!

This guy offers them ten bucks to walk around with these signs to advertise the big game coming up!
Of course they can't even do this simple task without screwing it up!

Gertie Green as Lulu Banks thinks they're real football players. Really? Look at Moe's helmet. I don't think Lulu's the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Lulu goes back and tells the other girls that she found the famous "Three Horsemen of Boulder Dam" to fill in the Boss's roster on his football team.

Larry and Lucy! What a pair!!

Moe's got his hands full with Lulu, he smacks her just like she was one of the guys, and she hits him right back, but harder!

The guys look a little too comfortable in these outfits!

Time to break out the seltzer bottles!

Lucy was 5'7" tall and kind of towers over Gertie and Phyllis who both stood about 5'2"

Now it's time for everybody to get into the act!

I could be wrong, but it really does look like they are enjoying themselves and having a good time!

The Three Stoogettes!

Next this game of Blind Man's Bluff goes awry! 
Sorry Moe, wrong woman!

The rest of this tale is about the woes of the boys trying to play football. They are clueless! You gotta love their jersey numbers though!

The Stooges are such idiots, they don't even have a rudimentary knowledge of the game, and this is not going to go well for them.

Moral of the story.................Don't mess with mobsters!!

I'll be back on Saturday with the second part of my little mini-tribute to Lucille Ball, and a full length film noir that starred Lucy. She really was one gorgeous and amazing gal!

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